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Friday, April 22, 2011

Coffee, Logs and Sawdust

I have noticed that when you blog, you can become susceptible to many criticisms. Let's face it, we are putting our family, our opinions, the food we eat, the money we spend and many other details of our life on our blogs for others to see and judge. I can't believe they eat that food. How can she use that curriculum? She is too strict with her kids. She lets her kids get away with murder. How can she show those pictures on her blog, look how messy her sun room is. Look at those spelling and grammar errors, how can she homeschool her kids? 

I used to be a judge. It still creeps up on me at times.

I admit, I still fight it. Since re-reading Dave Ramsey, I am struggling with my bad habit, again.

Our church is located behind a Dunkin' Donuts. I'll confess a stupid none-of-my-business judgement I do, even at church.  When I see someone with a coffee in their hand, I think "What a waste of money." I have judged their financial behaviors and it is not my business. I have already labeled someone in my mind, before I even knew them. I am critical because I was set free from Caramel Frappes. Does God really care if they buy a Coffee Coolatta? I should be rejoicing they are not still drinking a 12 pack of beer every day.

God has a way of changing me. His best strategy was to fill my life with so much abundance. Not the abundant life with Cadillacs and a Rolex. But just a full, very busy life. I find I have less time to judge or nitpick. Homeschooling, real estate, being an excellent wife, Sunday School lessons, four kids, and blogging. Who has time to even notice, who is doing what? If I can show up to church on time, with my Bible, my kids in somewhat matching, clean clothes and smiling faces, I'm on a roll. Most of the time. Once in a while, I squeeze in time for criticizing in my mind or even out loud.

Ambro /
I was listening to a sermon recently and the preacher spoke about Facebook. He didn't bash it or say how much of a time vacuum it is. He simply asked "Since when has gossip been an activity that Christians should be involved in?" I could have self-righteously told my fake perfect self that his words didn't apply to me because I don't hang out on Facebook. But of course, I couldn't do that because I am guilty of over sharing or eager listening.

Aren't those pretty terms for gossip and slander? Then to make my sharing more Christian spiritual, we decide to pray for them or excuse their behavior because that are not strong Christians. Like me, the gossip and busybody. This a log that blocks my view too often. It's hard to see all of the great things that God is doing with a beam stuck in my eye.

I love the God's Word translation of Matthew 7:5 "You hypocrite! First remove the beam from your own eye. Then you will see clearly to remove the piece of sawdust from another believer's eye."

Back to my abundant life. Thank you God. I will not complain that I am so pressed for time lately. I will praise Him because it leaves less time for me to get myself in trouble.

Do you find yourself drawn into gossip or just listening?  Besides changing the subject to last night's Red Sox game, how do you deal with it? I make mental notes to steer away from subjects or people, but my mental notes get lost in the piles of brain matter. I'd love to hear your strategies. Did I tell you lately, I love comments? I do. Except for gossip and spammers.

Have a great Easter weekend!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thanks, But No Thanks, Pouring My Heart Out

Things I Can't Say

Today I am linking up with Shell at Things I Can't Say. Stop by and see where bloggers enjoy group therapy. I feel better already.

This is not a pity me post, let's get that out of the way. God has shown Himself strong in my life at this time. I have a joy right now that I can only be explained as God's grace. I haven't felt the need or want to verbally vomit my problems on my friends, I love them too much for that.

If you know me in person and you happen to know my current situation, I need to inform you that you are being a colossally rude when you invite me to your home party to buy books, jewelry, kitchen products, and candles or any other overpriced items.

I am going to assume it must have slipped your mind. You didn't remember. My husband is in the middle of a career change which involves no income for a few months, while dealing with major medical issues. You're asking me to leave him home alone with the kids for a night, so I can buy ridiculously expensive things. So in turn, you can get free stuff that you don't really need.

I'm happy for your home party fun, but please leave me out. My feelings won't be hurt if I found out what an excellent time you had without me. In fact, you inviting me, makes me uncomfortable. It makes me wonder if you know me or what my life is all about right now.

When I do feel like loosening up my purse strings, I'll head down to the Christmastree Shop and drop $2.00 for a really nice smelling candle. I'll have to pass on the $30 one right now.

Another thing, I promise I won't invite you to my home party, because I don't inflict them on my loved ones. I repented of that years ago.

Tomorrow, we will return to our regularly scheduled cheery blog.

Actually, this post fits in nicely with Thrifty Thursday. I may just repost it.

Thanks for listening.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A sweet way to earn money at home?

There is still time to enter "the Crossmaker" giveaway. 
Click here for details. I will be drawing the winner on Friday, National Atheist Day.

This post is part of The Christian Home, an online magazine hosted by Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home. Please visit her site to read more of The Christian Home.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the ways I have earned money at home. This can be both a blessing and a curse, since many of my 'jobs' have taken their toll on our family and my peace of mind. I've come to the conclusion that sometimes the best way to make money at home is to avoid parting with the income you already have.

Proverbs 14:1 
The wise woman builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

Today, I will share with you something that did not work for me. Will you join me for a trip down memory lane? Fasten your seatbelt for a ride down Terri G.'s Rocky Road to income from home.

Cake Decorating or 
My recipe for disaster

When I only had one child, this seemed like a fun way to bring in a few dollars. My friend and I attended the Wilton cake decorating classes at the local craft store. I was eager to try my newfound skills. I am not crafty, I just have the ability to read and follow directions. Paired with a steady hand, cake decorating can be successful.  For me it was, somewhat.

I quickly was able to sell my cakes, please brides and the word spread. I charged about $1 to $2 a slice and did wedding cakes while charging between $120 to $450. It sounds like a large amount for just making a cake, but in reality, it wasn't.

Because I have never functioned well without adequate sleep, I always paced myself. My weeks with cake creations looked like this:
  • Tuesday purchase all of the supplies.
  • Wednesday, bake and trim.
  • Thursday ice cakes.
  • Friday decorate cakes.
  • Saturday, pray while you drive with the precious cakes, deliver and assemble, and stress over if the bride will love it.
During cake jobs, my family ate poorly and I was a grump. Pizza had to be ordered by Friday night. My back was sore from hunching over the cakes. Weather hampered decorating. Weekend traffic freaked me out. I was a slowpoke menace on the roads for fear of stopping short and ruining my creations. And these were the easy times.

See the pregnant lady with the fake smile? She spent the morning abusing her husband.
Then enter the blessing of new babies, Paperboy and his brother, Random, seventeen months later. The home is no longer a great setting for a bakery.

I remember my last wedding cake. 

The one in which I lost control. The one for the lovely couple who had married in Paris and wanted their perfect stateside family wedding, near the ocean. The cake with little shells on the sides. I had broken a few rules. I took an order over the phone. I envisioned what they wanted. I had hoped my vision was theirs. There was a nagging feeling the whole time, I think this is what they wanted. The weather was 80 degrees and humid. The frosting disobeyed. The cake didn't fit in my refridgerator. I had to air condition my bedroom just to keep it fresh. That probably cost me half my profit in electricity. 

The morning of the wedding, I had found myself screaming at the kids, again. "Stop running by the cake", "You're making the whole house shake", "You'll have to wait for breakfast." Didn't they care? At that point, I was possessed.

The final straw came when it was time to load the cakes in the car. When I looked at one of the layers, I wanted to cry. "What was this stuffed dinosaur doing in the cake?" This was not the bride's vision. My vision began to blur through angry tears.

Thankfully, Paperboy has blotted out this memory of his scary mommy. Paperboy, at two years old, survived my temporary insanity. Only because God in His grace had made him the second born. There was a witness to my meltdown. As my temper tantrum was in full force, I realized my oldest son was watching me screaming, while contemplating hurting my toddler.

What am I doing? This is insane, he is a two-year old and it's only a cake.

I was frightened at how much rage had gotten a hold over me. I was taking my stress out on my family. What if I had acted on my feelings and struck my son with that angry spirit on me? I am thankful to God, that in my terrible state, I was able to hear His voice. I was able to repent, in time. 

I repaired and delivered the cake. No accidents, no ordeals. 

The bride loved it, she begged me to stay for the reception.

I had to decline, my family needed me back.

Even though I was at home all week, they missed me.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My faith in humanity has been restored

I have to admit, I have been dwelling on the dark side. I have been thinking too much about problems, people, myself people with problems and all of the world's problems. It makes for poor sleep, bad attitudes and a short-fused Momma. The other day, I decided, the world is not as dark as I thought.

I just returned from a great visit with my Dad and my step-mother or his wife in sunny Arizona. I can't stand the term step-mother for it's evil connotations throughout children's literature. I dislike calling her my Dad's wife, that is like a possession of his, it just doesn't sound right. I don't really want to call her by her first name, I feel it isn't respectful. So I call her Grandma because that is what she is to my boys. It's Pops and Grandma. Back to my visit to Pops and Grandma's.

If you have read my blog for more than a week or so, you will know that I tend to owe the library money, often, like too often. They have now gotten to the point when I walk in, I think, they are rubbing their hands together. Especially when I check out a DVDs. In the world of serious budget cutbacks, they need me to forget to renew their silly DVDs. It's a dollar a day for late fees on a DVD. Just last night, they were laughing at my $2.30 fee. They know I wait until it gets over $10. Then I just write a check, and it's considered a tax deduction, or charitable giving. Back to my visit.

One of the first things I do when I arrive in town is go to the local library. This library is top notch, even though I was informed by another home schooling mom in the area that is not the best one. Compared with my many small town libraries, this one is terrific. There are multiple copies of many books, a huge selection of  series fiction for Paperboy and even great Veggietale movies. I like to have books with me, it comforts me and gives the kids some thing to do when there is 'down time'.

I was impressed at the check out. I scanned our books in a self-check out. It was just like the grocery store experience. I even got a printed receipt. Which little did I know would come in handy later on.

Another fun thing happened at the check out. The librarian invited Little Guy to participate in craft and snack time. Little guy was able to make a sweet fishbowl picture with chalk, construction paper and glue. It was nice to bring home something for Grandma. Of course in my purse, I had no camera, but I did have a snack, that fits in with Little Guy's diet. It was poor, but great timing!

Back to my library sins, my procrastination and my ability to inconvenience others. As I was packing, the hour before I was leaving for the airport, I carefully checked that each library book was in the return pile. Wait, there were three missing. Oh No! My dad looked everywhere, even checked the church. We called the restaurants we ate in. They were nowhere around. Wait! Maybe they were left the night Little Guy was an angel when we went out for pie. The night he slept with his head on the table because he was so jet lagged. I must have brought the books in there for him to read and forgot them. Diane, our fellow pie-eating friend, called. No books. I started feeling like a loser. Because, you know I am. I always lose things. But now I have shamed my father's name. I lost books checked out on his library card.

He's a pretty gracious guy. While I am figuring how much a library edition of a discontinued  early reader desert book is going to cost me, Pops is still looking. He went to the library website, because he checks online first for anything he does, because he is a high tech Pops, and checked online for the titles. He has no books checked out. Apparently some kind soul, who I am eternally grateful to, had found the books and returned them to the library for me. He wanted to double check, so he stopped in to find out in person what happened. Yes, someone returned them. But you do have a fine from along time ago Mr. Pops. He being a good guy, felt bad, he had to pay his fines.

Like father, like daughter.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Rare Moment or Two

I have had a little alone time this week. Paperboy is at camp, Random is working and the Gman has taken Little Guy with him in the mornings. So what's a Mom to do? Sleep a little extra, read the Bible, and waste time catch up on some news.

When we made the decision to school our children at home, this 'alone time factor' was not really on the radar screen. I became a woman with a mission. My time wasn't as important. That was then, this is now.

Luke 14:28-30

For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it--  lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, 'This man began to build and was not able to finish.'

When prospective homeschooling mothers approach me about schooling their angels at home, this is the first thing I bring up. I send out my Warning! "Gone are the ladies lunches, spotless homes, health club memberships, and shopping trips."  I say this because, you may be able to continue in these things, but it will not be easy. 
*disclaimer...I never had a spotless home, but I did dabble in club memberships, I found wholesale shopping clubs, much less strenuous than health clubs*...

I did not count the cost in the beginning. I didn't have a large support system at the time. My in-laws and most of my family lived at least a long car ride away. My friends were sending their kids off to school.  I had a few buddies that I could drop my kids off with, but they dwindled as they moved away. I am not saying this to complain. God used this time in my life to really get to know my children. My walk with God became stronger and my resolve to know God's word was sealed. It was the best thing for me, at that season of my life. I eventually met other home school families and formed new friendships. When my mother was dying, I was blessed with many friends to help with my kids for the numerous appointments. My kids have grown older and need me less.

I think about my early struggles as a new home school Mom:

Try Christmas shopping with two young boys and a baby with you. Even if you are not buying for them, you cannot be guaranteed, they will not brag about the awesome gift you bought for so and so. You can't even concentrate on what you are buying. Do you really want your 8 year-old to spend his best working time in a Bible study nursery with a bunch of babies? Ladies lunches are not the same with the presence of children.  A trip to the grocery store, can become enough challenge, who needs to drag kids out looking for that perfect dress? When you and the gang are home all day, schoolwork ends up all over the house. A clean house is the goal, but not often met. Are these things really important to you? To me some are necessary, but not the most important. My never ending search for a babysitter, just to go to the dentist. Thankfully, my husband had a little flexibilty to come home early at times.

Now, when I need to get out alone, I just go out at night, without the kids. Dad can stay home with them. This is fine, but I have to be careful. Some days, Dad has worked all day in a sweaty crawl space fighting bugs and rodent dung to put wires in then peffect spot. He wants to come home, shower off and chill. Yes, he needs to do that. He may not be excited about the sale, I have to get to.

My alone time must be stolen or it will not be there. My other solutions to this. During the school year, I wake up before everyone else. Sometimes, I let my teens sleep in. Insist the boys go out and play. I get out a few nights out of the month. We go on a date once in a while. Generally, I find myself in the company of 3-6 guys and I am quite comfortable with that.

How about you? Do you get any alone time, besides the shower? I'd love to hear how other home schooling Moms get time alone, or if you even need it.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just say NO!

This is the time of year where we are wrapping up our homeschooling. My sons have a 6-week schedule mapped out for their independent work. I will be busy at home organizing, cleaning, planting and looking forward to a restful summer. I have been stung again by the same words I have heard my entire married life in this blog: A Wise Woman Builds her House. This is another thought provoking post that may make my feminist friends cringe, I mean it makes me uncomfortable. No one has ever accused me of putting housework before fun, yet, I like many others have to fight the urge to take on more outside commitments.  There are so many worthy pursuits, great books, pressing needs, blogs to blog and blogs to read.

      This week, I plan on practicing saying the word "No." so if you see me talking to myself, don't think I have lost it. I am just giving myself a little reverse psychology pep talk. "No, you can't do it." "Are you crazy?" and "No, sorry, no, that won't work."

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

reBlog from Debra: Footprints in the Butter

I found this fascinating quote today:

Girdin, Everly, & Duskek defined burnout as "a state of mental and/or physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress."  I'd say that anyone doing anything (paid or unpaid) can certainly experience excessive stress.  What do the experts advise for burn-out?  Here's some I found, with my comments.Debra, Footprints in the Butter, Apr 2010
Please read Debra's article and let me know your thoughts.
I have been experiencing this feeling of burnout in the past few weeks. The TOS Crew has put up some of their ideas to fight this malady that visits us each spring. The idea of starting subjects at different times in the school year appeals to me. Perhaps instituting more Home Ec classes a.k.a. Me supervising them cleaning could put some wind in my sails. Or going back to the napping years and assign nap time for all of us from 1 to 3.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday......more tightwad thoughts

I wanted to stay on topic this Thursday and blog about thrift. Yesterday, when I found out it was April Fool's Day, I had to go with it. No, there isn't an application that translates animal speech. I am sorry to disappoint you. 

I know it's Friday, but it's my blog and I can do whatever I feel like. I am skipping 5QF this week and posting Thrifty Thankful Thursday's post.
I have been feeling so thankful, and I have been pondering this all week. It started on Monday with my friend, the Bible answer woman. We were discussing how awesome God is. It seemed everywhere I turned, there was a blessing or help that I needed.  Tuesday, I won a cool gift, o.k. I'll stop bragging. Wednesday, I was without power all day and I had a few experiences that pondered me to continue to thank God.

  • I walked across the street to check if the neighbor had electricity. As I looked back at my house from my neighbors porch, it finally dawned on me. What a pretty house I live in. I know that sounds silly, but I had, in the past year, started to despise this money pit, it's location and it's mortgage. As I looked across the street at it, I gained a fresh appreciation for it. I am grateful to have a home, things are greening up around here and I am delivered from a spirit of ingratitude.
  • I called one of our town libraries to check their hours, I had to go somewhere with heat and power. I told the librarian about my predicament. She set up the boys and I with tables to work on, a computer to use and even turned on the space heater. She also help me to order the science book we were looking for.
  • I went grocery shopping with the coupons, that were supplied from my father and my step mom. My bill went down from $137 to $54. My thrifty shopping trip was facilitated by others who love me. They save, cut, and mail me coupons. It's like they send me envelopes of money.
  • On my shopping trip, of course, I forgot things. I was so busy planning my ham dinner and soup, I forgot about dinner. My sweet husband, who always calls to see if we need anything, picked up the forgotten items. That's something to be thankful for. Now for the three men who read this blog, that is one way to win brownie points with your wife. If you don't have one, save that important information for later on.
  • While I was cooking dinner, the man in the big brown truck pulled up. For the first time in weeks, it wasn't supplies for Gman's work. He had a cooler full of food from Omaha Steaks for me. Now this was a thought that swirled in my mind earlier. I have never tasted an Omaha Steak, boy would that be a treat. My mouth is watering thinking about the delectable goodies in my freezer. It came from a dear friend at church. The receipt said, "God Bless". Wow! I had Gman drive that night so I could drool over the recipe book included. It was manna from Heaven.
This is what is in my freezer right now.

But it does lead back to thrift.

Now when I am thankful for the blessings that I have, I am thrifty. I am not trying to acquire something to make things better, improve my situation or try another quick fix. I am not looking at my friends and coveting their cars, clothes, houses, books or well-behaved children. Or in the words of BennyG, "Let's go covet some oxen." I have been known to stare at Omaha Steak ads for longer than I would like to admit. 

When I am thankful, I find myself hugging my kids more, being more gracious. When I am consumed with a thankful heart, my desires are diminished. I am less distracted by the externals. I am following His plan for me. It is not a gospel of prosperity, it is a gospel of peace. Peace in my heart and contentment. I am focusing on the necessities of life, not the bling, bling. Besides, I'll get my bling, bling in Heaven. It's in the Bible. 

Today is "Good Friday." 
Let's think about what is good. 
It may just be the lobotomy the doctor ordered.
I know I feel great after mine!

Have a great weekend,

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vain Janglings

Last summer we stayed with this amazing friend.  My friend, who shall remain nameless, because she has been known to read this blog, is a humble, dedicated follower of Jesus. Each morning, while she was watching the birds, she would faithfully study God's word. I would rudely interrupt her and ask:

"What's the word today?"

Yeah, I know, I am a bit lazy to try to ride on the coattails of someone else's devotions.  But it is a pleasure to discuss the things of God with her. She was a willing participant. She could have barked back:

"Get your own revelation of God."

But she didn't, because you see, she is a mature Christian.

One morning the word was...........drum roll please......................................

"Avoid Vain janglings."

You mean like dangling participles, Mr. Bo Jangles or earrings that dangle?


I had never heard that term, vain janglings.

I took this definition from the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia;

jan'-gling (mataiologia, "vain discourse" "babbling"): This word is not found in the American Standard Revised Version; once only in the King James Version (1 Timothy 1:6). The American Standard Revised Version has "vain talking," instead of "vain jangling," and evidently means proud, self-conceited talking against what God has revealed and against God Himself.

Woooh. This was heavy revvie. Especially for women. Is this possible?

Is it possible for me, a blogger, to avoid vain janglings?

I apologize for claiming celebrity status last post.

It's already a challenge to keep Wordless Wednesday wordless. It is an oxymoron. A wordless blog.

But avoiding vain janglings is a good idea. In fact, God says in His word to do this. Well, if God said it then I don't consider it optional.

Weird information to bring up with someone on an airplane.

There actually is a punk rock band called Vain Jangling.
Their profile states: From Portland OR to London and back again, plenty of time to talk about nothing.

Here is 1st Timothy 1:6 In three different translations with my thoughts.

From which some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling; KJV
sounds like an accident that could have been avoided

But some people have missed this whole point. They have turned away from these things and spend their time in meaningless discussions. NLT
this is scary... to miss the whole point...and it sounds like they took up blogging

Some people have left these qualities behind and have turned to fruitless discussion. ISV
fruitless discussion, o.k. now what can we talk about?

God's word says:
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. KJV

Remember the WWJD bracelets?
How about some earrings that remind me, ATVJ:  Are These Vain Janglings?

Thanks for stopping by.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Help Wanted!

I need help. I am a serious rookie at blogging. I don't understand so many things about blogs. I am unaware of blog etiquette. Is it even o.k. to blog about blogging??? I have many questions. Because I value my time, my friends and my friends' time, I can't keep stalking them and my son with my blogging questions. They are going to know get worried that I am becoming OCD about this blog. Too late. I know. Can I talk about anything else with them? How are you son? Yes, I hope you get the job. Lori, I get it, you have 7 kids, a husband, a job, 2 blogs and you're trying to keep up with it all. I promise not to bug you with my questions, unless of course I see you at Border's. Lizzie, my fairy blogmother, I really do understand the separation of Siamese twins can be very painful. I can't lie and say I know how you feel. I've just never been a twin. You know I love you. It's just that I like to do things right. I have to bite my tongue, Gman is not that interested in my blogging. He has occasionally added some cool thoughts. In fact, he is responsible for the delay in my geography posting. Blame it on his right brain and his manila folder issue. Or thank him. Can somebody help me here? About comments: Should I comment on each comment? Or at the end of the comments? Or should I appear so busy and famous, that I have no time to respond to comments? Should I beg for comments, admit I enjoy them or let the spirit move the reader? How do people change their blog layout? Do they do this often? I like this layout, but there are some quirks in sizing and moving things around that I just can't stand. I admit, I am so scared to mess it up and move it around. Statue man did not understand. He thought it was fine. Can you share your favorite link to a helpful site? You know, along the lines of a Blogging for Dummies book, but I am too cheap thrifty to buy one. It must be in a language I can understand. Perhaps at a 4th grade reading level. About cool nifty signatures and buttons. Oh, I really want my own button? Once again clueless. Nifty signatures, ditto. I have experienced blogger envy and it is terrible. If I could have figured out how to add an email me button, you could email me some answers. But for now, you're on your own. Drop me an mail or leave your comments. They are most appreciated. Thanks for stopping by. ~TerriG

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Soapbox

I can't help myself, it hit a raw nerve with me. This morning, while listening to xm radio, to hear updates about the tsunami warning, I got sucked in to the story. I really don't want to blog about news or politics. I really am not looking for this kind of stuff. This is my blog. It's my family, my life, our home schooling, me saving money, seeing my God move, and my stuff.

But I can't help it. I also don't want to criticize or be negative. That may make successful talk radio, but good blogging, no. My vision of an ultimate blog entry,
mind you, it has only been three weeks since I first ever wrote a blog entry, is to uplift.

NO, I will not lie to you and tell you how skinny you are. I hope to write something you can ponder about, put to use, or at least giggle about. Like somewhere in my posts about thrift, you may learn something to make you richer than Bill Gates. You may learn something about homeschooling or at least get a peek into our methods. You may meet the men I am surrounded by and pray for us me.

Today, you may not be uplifted. In fact, you may get annoyed by the current state of our world. You may think, I am just too uptight. You may be patting yourself on the back and saying in a self-righteous tone. "This is one reason we home school."

I heard there is a middle school in Elwood, Indiana that is using a matchmaker survey to match up students
and raise money. The story goes that the students were given the chance to go online and fill out this out survey to match up compatible students. They paid 1 or 2 dollars to do this. It was used to raise money for the drama club. Some details off the web...

Despite Everett’s alleged phone calls to the school, the superintendent said he has not received any official complaints from parents. He claimed the survey is harmless, and has been raising money for the school for the past 15 years.

"I approved this fundraiser on February 1st, and I knew about the content of the survey, and it's just a good way for kids to have a little fun,” said Thomas Austin, superintendent of Elwood Community Schools. “It’s a voluntary survey.”

I don't understand!
Where do I start?

I understand that God has created male and female. I understand the rest of the country may not share my thoughts on courtship. I'm o.k. with that. God said "It is not good for man to be alone." But unless you have stayed back for 10 years in middle school, you ain't a man.
Why would they encourage these early relationships?
Isn't school a place for academic learning?
Was this the same survey being used for 15 years?
Did any other parent question this in the past 15 years?
Who planned this fundraiser?

Everywhere schools are facing budgets cuts. Is this the answer? I guess in my naivete, I thought how about a bake sale? Oh nevermind, I just heard those were banned because they are contributing to obesity, a much larger issue, forgive the pun, than
teenage promiscuity.

*************WARNING TMI AHEAD*******************

Which leads to this raw nerve of mine.

I thought of the hours, days, weeks and years I wasted, concerned about the boy/girl stuff as a pre-teen and teen. In my years before Christ, I was consumed with obtaining the approval of the man species. I am sick to my stomach thinking about it. The insecurity I had about myself, led to so much unnecessary heartache.

I graduated high school 5 months pregnant. Yeah, that's not so uplifting.

It is though...The responsibility of taking care of a baby, while still a baby myself brought about some amazing things.

I didn't know what I was doing. I was bumbling through motherhood. Clueless, unmarried, broke and broken. Never before were my weaknesses so apparent. I had a crash course in reality.
Reality stunk, babies put a damper on my friends. When you are a foolish teenager, babies are cute for a few minutes, then the fun fades, quickly.

I was brought to my knees. I gave my life to Christ.
"If any man be in Christ, He is a new creation."
God in his mercy, recreated me!
I was clean, I was equipped for this awesome task of motherhood.
I had a Bible and a new best friend. I knew the Creator of the Earth.

That was 23 years ago and I still marvel at it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Calendar

I am a procrastinator......Last night I finally bought my 2010 calendar. I am a tightwad................Last night I bought my calendar for a buck. Procrastination pays.....a new tarrying tip. When I got home, while Gman was working diligently loading wood, I followed him around quoting to him from my new calendar. I have a feeling he laughed just to humor me. Perhaps he is getting tired of being a victim of my procrastinations. They are funny. It includes 10 check boxes of top 10 procrastination methods of the day. I was able to check off 4 for that day; surf the internet, snack, write to do list, and play solitaire. I felt a little smug since I did not watch tv, gaze at my navel, water plants, rearrange furniture or sleep. Above the lists to avoid, delay and pawn off, it has tips for tarrying, laggards lowdown and deferred words on each page. These are like the inspirational quotes with mountain peak photos that you see in offices of overachievers. Just a little reverse psychology. Here are some gems from it:
  • "Accomplishing the impossible means only that the boss will add it to your regular duties" Deferred words -Doug Larson
  • "Think of procrastination as "strategic optimism." Not only will there be a tomorrow, that tomorrow will somehow contain enough time to deal with all the things that didn't get done today." -Tip For Tarrying
  • After delaying washing his petri dishes, scientist Alexander Fleming noted that the resulting mold had killed his previous experiment's bacteria--leading to the discovery of penicillin. -Laggard's Lowdown
BennyG, who has mastered the bed time stall, appreciated them as he munched on a 3rd bedtime snack. We aid and abet each other in this sin. Just yesterday, he introduced me to a new solitaire game. Luckily, he has not memorized these quotes for slackers. For BennyG and I, today is a new day. A man's hunger makes room for his work. He needs some money, so he has offered to work with me today. I come from a long line of procrastinators. I have bred them. Is it genetic? I prefer to call it a family curse. Thankfully, since I have become a Christian, I can overcome this. I am challenged by the word of God not to procrastinate. Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. (James 4:17, New King James Version). Thank God for the hope, I am clinging to this hope: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13, New King James Version) My new calendar so sweetly pokes fun of me, perhaps I can mock it back and actually accomplish a few things, when I finish this blog.