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Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's Five Fave, the Ingrate Repents

  1. My newest blog follower Robin, I really enjoyed her blog, don't miss this post she wrote. It encouraged me to get out of this funk that I have been dwelling in. I love the title of her blog, I can relate to her blog button. If I decided to rename my blog, it may be something like ice cream on my elbow. Each time I sit at my table, I seem to get stuck on the remnants of some child's sticky treat.
  2. My internet connection. I have been working on some posts at my local library. My creative juices get frozen when creepy men try to read over my shoulder as I type away on my laptop. 
  3. Being part of the Old School House Review Crew. I am reading a very timely book right now. I thank God for providing me with some spiritual meat to digest. No bones have been caught in my throat, but it is challenging me, cough, cough. 
  4. Central Air Conditioning. The Gman says you should never live where the temperature falls below your age. While that makes sense, I feel that until a woman is post menopausal, that is just plain foolish advice.
  5. My Friend Shirley. She always lends an ear to me and a few books. She has been a blessing no matter how whiny I am. I have always believed we need one friend who we can dump all our garbage on, who doesn't screen her calls. I am thankful she still loves me and answers her phone.

This post is part of a meme called Friday's Five Fave. I really don't like to play favorites, my list is just some of the things that I am thankful for. I have to admit: Lately I have not felt very thankful for much. My eyes have been focusing on the things in my life that I wish were not there. But it's time for the pity party to end and get back to the joy of my salvation. My desire to be in the will of God must resist the spirit of self pity.

In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you
1 Thessalonians 5:18

I can't argue with that.

So what are you thankful for?

And by the way, I am so thankful for everyone who reads my blog. 

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #2

I really enjoy this meme. It draws me back into the ever needed attitude of gratitude. This is hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.  It is easy to play, you just talk about 5 of your favorite things. 

So onto to my five favorites of this week.

1. Internet Access: I know I said the same thing last time, but there is a new spin to this. Since my life can be nomadic, my sweet husband has done something to make my life easier. He has gotten me a tether system to tie in with my cell phone so I can get internet access anywhere from my cell phone. How cool is that? He has overlooked the lame dinners, my neglecting him regularly and my new-found love for blogging. He is just too sweet. Which leads to my next favorite.

2. My husband: I tell him all the time he is my favorite husband. He really is. He is my only husband so he is like the homeschool valedictorian. He wins by default. He doesn't like it when I blog about how wonderful he is, so I must be brief. 
Maybe he won't be able to see this small print. The Gman is very detailed oriented and many times he makes quite an extra effort to make sure I am comfortable. Like this sweet note put in two locations. He didn't want me to accidentally burn myself. He had turned up the hot water, to try to trickle warm water into our swimming pool. He only told me about this 3 times. Then as I was getting in the shower, I noticed this on the floor. Way too sweet and doting....

3 Our swimming pool  After staring out my kitchen window at this eyesore, it is finally up and running. I know I have whined about this and you have probably gotten out your finger violins and made fun of me. The sounds of the kids playing and splashing gave me hope for a nice spring. I am thankful for the new liner, the pool people, and great water pressure.

4 Czech Chick Now since bloggers, who may never get famous someday, must use nicknames to protect privacy, this is my latest nickname. She is called Czech Chick, because she is from the Czech Republic. But the reason she's on my fave 5 list, is she makes me look so good. No, she is not my personal trainer or hairdresser. She is just a humble servant of the Most High. CC called this morning, we were brainstorming a very difficult Sunday School lesson. She put my brain back on right and helped me solve world problems. One child at a time. She is the person who puts together these amazing crafts and activities for my Sunday School class. I teach the sweet children and the parents think I labor for hours. Once in a while, I let the truth slip out. But what Czech Chick has done is delivered me from Saturday afternoons in the never ending purgatory of preparing crafts. My right hand thanks her. My kids and my husband thank her. We all know what that means. More time to blog.

5. Day Care Lady Another blog nick-name. This is someone who was my co-worker 19 years ago and we have remained friends since. She is the type of friend, I can go without seeing for a few months and just pick back up where we left off. She's also an all boy mom like myself. We share war stories. Another thing about my buddy: I count on her in a pinch and she can count on me. I was able to fill in at her daycare today and she blessed me unbelievably. She lent me all of the supplies I need for our Sunday School field day of fun. Yes, she may be guilty of aiding and abetting my procrastination, but I love and appreciate her. She is the type of buddy I could borrow her Coach bag without embarrassment. We all need pals like her. I could go on and on about how encouraging and kind she is. "A friend loveth at all times." That she is.

What are some of your favorites?
Happy Friday
~Terri G.
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

This Friday, I have decided to try a different meme. This is hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.  It is easy to play, you just talk about 5 of your favorite things. I usually do 5 Question Friday but the Gman doesn't like me to talk about him so much. Many of the questions lead to me writing about he. After being happily married for 18+ years to my best friend, it is so difficult not to talk about him. I will try my best.

So onto to my five favorites of this week.

1. Internet Access: I know this is silly, but I am amazed at the wealth of information at my finger tips. I am currently planning on buying my second gas grill in my life after my 10-year old one has given up the ghost. Well now I can read everyone's opinion and make a somewhat informed or confused opinion. I went down to the doctor of grillogy and had already done my homework. It was nice to have already seen the grills, and not have to listen to a sales pitch.
      Last night, we were talking about this fascinating couple and Gman joked "I wonder how they met?" I, being the next American Idol, began to belt out a song from the eighties. "Don't You Want Me Baby?."  Because of my fabulous singing, he couldn't recognize the song,  I found it on YouTube in 30 seconds. Random made me promise to never play that song ever again. We laughed so hard at the lyrics, I had tears in my eyes.

2. The Bible: This love letter from God to me, has the answers for all of my problems. I am always amazed at the providential timing of the words, whenever I am reading it. There is always something that speaks clearly to my heart.
       I just finished listening to a biography of Adoniram Judson. He was a missionary who spent most of his adult life translating the Bible for the Burmese people. I cannot imagine not having the Bible in my own language. I have so many versions here at my house and yet he labored so hard just to translate one copy. 

If you have not read anything about this amazing missionary, please do. It will give you a fresh perspective and a heart full of gratitude.

 3. My Friends: I just wish I had more time to spend with them. Summer is coming, my load will be lightened and I will reconnect with all my buddies for some fun in the sun.

4. Pre-Cooked Chickens: These save my dinner about once a week. I usually produce two meals from it. We devour most it the first night and I make a quick soup for the next night. Some days, I am trying to fit too many things in and thoughts of dinner get buried until 4:30 p.m. I know, I could improve my culinary skills and cook my own at home, but their rotisserie does things to a chicken, that I cannot. 

5. The Common Room: This is my new favorite blog, which I have been meaning to blog about. I think I have graduated from Pioneer Woman in my blog reading. I still love her food, who doesn't? But here her posts are pure fun, not much substance. At the Common Room, I have been reading some pretty deep thoughts. I have been introduced to and challenged to read less twaddle. I am compelled to think a little deeper about so many issues. This blog discusses politics, homeschooling, thrift, cooking,and books from a conservative Christian perspective, my perspective. 

What are some of your favorites things?

I welcome reader comments with open arms. I also understand if you aren't the commenting or hugging type of person, you can drop me an email at