How to Organize a Children's Room According to the Montessori Principle

Famous teacher Maria Montessori was sure, that the children’s room should be equipped according to the needs of children, not adults. This is the only way to provide conditions that help your baby realize their spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical potential. Any child is already born as an independent person, who is ready to study and discover the world. The montessori furniture will help him to manage it.

The Principles for Decorating a Child's Room

The main parent’s task is to create an environment that helps the baby’s abilities unfold and to teach him to use it right. Then he has to do everything himself. The following criteria will help turn an ordinary child’s room into a developing environment:

  • The simplicity and freedom of movement. The main principle is minimalism, the simpler the furniture and decor, the better. The room should be spacious enough for games and movement; it is advisable to place only the most necessary things in it.
  • The right organization. Excess of things and disorder tire the child and interfere with his freedom of thought. Every item must have its place.
  • The comfort. Despite the minimalist style, the room should not be empty and lifeless. The beautiful things develop a sense of beauty and stimulate interest.
  • The freedom of choice. It is necessary to give the child the opportunity to independently choose clothes, books, and toys. Therefore, furniture according to the Montessori principle is as open and low as possible, which makes it possible for the child to get everything they need on their own.

The children's room should express the independence of its little owner. This allows him to play and develop for a long time without the participation of adults.

What Should You Choose?

In addition to the bed and storage space for clothes, you should pay attention to the gaming complex. Montessori wooden stools and chairs give provide an opportunity for development and independent play. Triangle arches will help to master climbing skills, strengthen the muscular corset and teach balance in space. A good solution is to use two arches at once, connected by a wooden ramp.

Correctly combining elements and sustainable structures you will create a real developmental center for your child similar to a playground on the street. But it will be safe and teach your baby new skills. The design of the furniture allows you to adjust it according to the age and height of the child, making it as comfortable as possible.