Monday, October 29, 2012

Our School Year, Changes and a Job Opportunity!

We are well underway with our home school new year. Here's what is on the agenda for this year:

Paperboy, who should really be named Sparky, embarked on his formal training. He attends his first Electrical Code and Theory class. This is a night class which is a requirement for him to obtain his journeyman's electrical license. He will need a gazillion code hours for this. O.K. maybe I am exaggerating. He needs 2000. This will take a while since he will be in class only 2 nights a week.
In addition to this course, he will be taking the basics:
Algebra 2, with Math-U-See
The One Year Adventure Novel, which so far is a hit.
All American History Volume 2
SAT Prep Genius
Balancing the Sword, my all time favorite Bible curriculum for High School
Apologia Biology, yes we have all of the supplies!
For arts, Sparky is loving a Shakespeare class which may require public presentation. This is somewhat new territory as his last roles have been non-speaking parts. He also has enjoyed a role in our church play in October. His most favorite continues to be art classes taught by another homeschool mom in her new studio. I've had the opportunity to take part and have enjoyed these immensely.

Random is continuing online using Monarch for the five subjects: English, Math, Science, History and Bible. This has greatly increased the harmony of our homeschool. I am less involved and he likes it that way. I love the record keeping aspect of this and the ability to track his progress. He used it last year and asked to do it for another year. In addition to Monarch, he will be writing his own novel with the One Year Adventure Novel, studying Proverbs, VocabAhead, and Rosetta Stone Spanish. He will continue art lessons, ice skating and his eternal quest to become a You tube sensation..

Little Guy is taking every opportunity to show off his italic cursive. I have been finding notes all over the house! He has really turned the corner with his reading and is devouring books!

I am thankful for this smooth start of this new school year. It's nice to be in a season of independence in our homeschooling. I have completed my final Old School House review and then I will be hanging up my homeschool review hat. I'll return to blogging for the sake of writing. My cup over flows with great products, it's time for someone else to enjoy the blessing of reviews. If this is something you may be interested in click here. But do hurry, the deadline to apply is October 31.

I will be posting a review of The Sparkle Box this week. Look forward to a give-away of a sweet Christmas storybook.

Stay safe this week.

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Sennie said...

My 8th graders are using Monarch and OYAN, also! And my boys are taking a live Government class on (Founders Academy).