Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ten Things: Where have all the blog posts gone?

Czech Girl came for lunch today. Of course, we laughed like crazy. When the subject of blogging came up, I couldn't ignore the urge. I started talking about it. Urging her to try it. Then it hit me, I remembered how much I love to blog. I analyzed, why had I lost the desire? It used to be my typing could barely keep up with my thoughts. My thoughts now are lost before I find my laptop. Now I only have posts swimming in my head. Nothing makes it to my keyboard. I though I''d blog 10 things that hinder me from blogging.

  1. The pirates have kidnapped me and there is no wifi on the deserted island.
  2. Pops came in for a whirlwind visit. We only had 5 days together. I didn't want to take the time to blog. 
  3. Family was visiting. It was great seeing all of the cousins playing together. Now we have 7 teenagers in our clan.
  4. Teenagers who don't drive alone. Paperboy has his learners permit, but we still have to chauffeur him and his brothers.
  5. I had a funky allergy thing we call Cape Cod Crud. It's like a sinus infection, but not that bad. I forgot to add sinus infections to my list of things that will be in Hell. Home improvement projects, bladder infections, dentist drills and sinus infections will be prevalent in the everlasting place of torment. That's my pet false doctrine. Hell will be still be H-E-double hockey sticks.
  6. Work. I am still a working mom. 'Nuff said.
  7. My iPad. I am still figuring out which apps I love. So my time in front of my computer has greatly decreased. I should just blog on my iPad.
  8. I'm reading more than usual. I decided to stop reading so many work related articles and get back to reading for pleasure. John Grisham and teen fiction are my latest brain snacks. Random and I are plowing through Sonlight's summer reading program. O.K. I take that back. He is strolling through it. I'm plowing.
  9. My house is cleaner than normal, but still needs attention. Frequent blogs=Messy house
  10. I'm playing games with Little Guy, who isn't really little anymore. He just turned eight, but looks like he's ten. He loves Uno, Skip-bo, Bananagrams and Jenga. 
Do you take time away from your blog? Will you still follow a blogger who neglects her blog? I hope you will. 

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