Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Why I never lose my phone.

I used to drive the Gman crazy. I would leave my phone at home or forget to turn it on at all. My theory was that if I needed to make a call, I'd turn it on.

Since the iPhone arrived in my life, the story is different. Do I really need my phone in the rest room? Yep. I can sneak a quick Words with Friends in, of course after washing my hands. While eating lunch, I reply to a few emails. It's my only camera that doesn't run out of batteries at each Kodak moment. Always having my Bible with search capabilities, gives me Christian super powers.

Just how was I surviving before this phone?

The cool thing about my iPhone is the free apps. Here's ten that I love, there are others:


  1. The Touch Bible. What I like best is the scroll wheel that can change the versions. I'm loving the New English Translation with numerous notes that enrich my study. I now have it for my iPad also, I call it my large print Bible. 
  2. Fooducate. Enter in the name of a product and you have information at your finger tips. Is this high in sugar, fat or preservatives? For lazy folks like me, scan the label and read the results. I just discovered that Trader Joe's Frosted Mini Wheats has a grade of B for better than average. The high sugar is what prevents it from receiving an A. I really could do a whole post on this cool app. 
  3. Stitcher Radio. Each night the Gman and I listen to a little Dave Ramsey. I get an hour a day for free. In the spirit of saving money, I can't possible purchase a paid subscription to a show about money. That would defeat the purpose. Stitcher has endless radio stations for any music or talk radio lover.. 
  4. Words with Friends. I love phone scrabble. This word game is at my finger tips any time I have a spare minute. Doctors offices, boring work meetings, being on hold with tech support or riding to church. I justify this by telling myself I am firing up my neurons and preventing early Alzheimers. The Gman thinks I am ignoring him. I'm keeping the brain sharp. He'll thank me when we are older.
  5. My online banking. I have no excuses for not knowing at any second what my balance is. Seeiing if a check has cleared does not need a phone call. Love it.
  6. Shop Savvy. This is a code scanner. I can scan any product barcode or qr code to find out what a product costs and where to purchase it at the cheapest price. It also directs me to websites as a qr code reader.
  7. Free Flashlight. This tool has made me look great on many occasions. I choose the pink one, because I'm a girly girl, sometimes.
  8. Trulia. In my opinion, the best real estate app. When walking neighborhoods, I love to see the details of homes for sale. This is much easier to use than Zillow or smarter agent.
  9. Scramble. For Boggle lovers, this is the app. I have decided that this app works better on a phone instead of the iPad. This game of 3 two-minute rounds of Boggle, is my favorite this week.
  10. Find iPhone. I've never needed it since having this great phone. But if I revert back to my old ways, the Gman will be glad I have it.
Don't hold back, tell me what your favorite iPhone app is. Even if it's not free.

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chacha said...

What a great post! My family just made me get an iphone and now I don't know why I resisted for so long.

Don't know why I didn't find a Bible app yet - will check yours tonight.

Did you find the Blogger app? I'm still figuring that one out but you can check your blog and post on your phone.

Instagram is a bad addiction already because, as you said, I finally have a camera with me at all times!

Christa said...

Awesome post! I need to share my faves on my blog!

Stopping by from the Crew to make sure I was following you!

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