Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: The Birthday Edition

Last week, I celebrated my Birth Week. 

This is what the birth week means: I kick back! Meals aren't fancy, I socialize with my buds, I slack on my housework and I celebrate. I pull out my birth week card when the kids start bickering. My birth week commands peace in the home. We wouldn't want to spoil the moments with petty bickering, would we children?

My birth week is the occasion for everyone to be exceptionally kind to me. I skipped my work meeting, without any guilt. My manager was gracious, in fact, because I warned her, she wished me a happy birth month.

One of the benefits of birth weeks are the freebies. My favorite restaurant, which the Gman does not appreciate, is Not Your Average Joes. I love the funky food. They mix sweet and spicy together in so many cool combinations. My mouth is watering thinking of their buffalo mango pizza. Or their calypso shrimp. Or the bread with dipping oil. Or anything on their menu.

They celebrate my birth week also. I signed up for their emails and they sent me a coupon good for any entree and dessert. How sweet is that?

Of course, I went all out and ordered the grilled scallops over cous cous. YUM! Dessert was a sinful chocolate bomb thing. Not only was my delicious dinner free, I was with two very  special friends. It was a great way to kick off my Birth Week.

Is your birthday coming up sometime in the next year? Celebrate your day tightwad style. So many companies want to bless you and give you a birth week you won't soon forget. Stop by Frugal Living and choose your birthday blessings.

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