Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Post In Which I get Political

I have been watching the Republican primaries closely. I don't usually blog about politics, frankly, they bore me and the last thing I would ever want to do is bore anyone who reads my blog.

There is something that really is bothering me.

Am I the only one who is bothered by the sudden increase in Newt Gingrich's popularity? His winning South Carolina shows me that so many are willing to overlook the personal morality of our leaders. Have the religious right lost their hope? Have we really decided that personal morality doesn't affect their decision making? Herman Cain's endorsement of him only sickens me more. Of course, what can I expect? Birds of a feather flock together.

I consider my vote a privilege. I'm so tired of holding my nose and voting for the lesser evil. I will not hand it over to an unrighteous/unrepentant pervert. Yes, I said it. PERVERT. Last time I checked the the seventh commandment was still in the Bible. Newt has a pattern of breaking covenants. Especially during the times of sickness. The times when the rubber meets the road in your commitments.

Let's say the shoe was on the other foot and Newt was battling cancer or some other illness. Would his wives stay with him? I don't know. After watching the beauty of my dad, my friends and countless others taking their vows serious, I can't help feeling disgusted every time I hear Newt's voice. His skilled political sound bites are like tinkling brass, knowing his actions.

Now before you start thinking Terri G. is so self-righteous, and how can she judge him? Let's make believe he became president.

Let's look at Callista. Is this the first lady you want your daughters to emulate? She's the woman who carried on with a married man for years. She knew he was married. She didn't care. He was bound for a great political future and she was planning to be a part of it. At any cost.

If she traveled in my social circles, I'd be sure to stay by my husband's side when she was around. I mean really, she may secretly dream of being married to a hunky electrician after a few months of stalking by the press. Or if Gingrich fails in his bid for president, she may not have as much motivation to stick around.

I'm not talking about being paranoid, I'm talking about being wise. Proverbs 7 warns us about the type of people Callista and Newt are. Their end is not pretty.

They certainly aren't the people I want in power. Regardless of what may be going on in this country, we still live in the best country in the world. I'm hoping we are blessed with a great leader.

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chacha said...

As a Christian saved by grace I believe in forgiveness BUT I cannot forget his past and could not vote for him.

Politics in the last few years have also bored and frustrated me to the point it's hard to have the news on.

We have a lot to pray about as a nation.

TerriG said...

You have a great point about praying for our nation. My only hope is in God. I'm with you on the frustrated part. When Scott Brown won in our state and then acted like the other politicians, I checked out.

Thanks for reading my 'narrow-minded' blog!

i cant decide said...

I agree!!!

Crafter Dream said...

Thank-you for this post. I've been struggling to follow the different candiates and I appreciate being notified of the character issues. Those are important to me as well and so I thank you for sharing this. :)

Jessica said...

I live in South Carolina and was surprised that Newt Gingrich won. It is very discouraging to see those that are 'conservative' seem unable to uphold the values that I am looking for in our leadership. My only hope is in God, but I do wish we could have a leader who I can respect.