Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year With Purpose

I'm not the new year's resolution type. I always fail at that. My only tangible New Year's goal this year is to drink more water. I know I'm keeping the bar low, but I'm succeeding and it's been four days.

Some people chose a word or a scripture to define or apply to their lives at the beginning of a new year. I have been pondering this. Applying a 'word' to my life is my best bet to see much needed change in my life.

What's my word?


I want to seek God for His purpose in my life.

This means praying more. Yeah!

I want to plan my days to accomplish things with purpose.

This translates to lists and schedules. Yawn!

I want to speak with purpose.

This could mean silence. Ssshhh!

I want to be surrounded by things that have a purpose.

This means purging, blessing others, chucking or selling. Nice!

Asking what's the point of this? Can set me free.

Free from wasted time, gossip, meaningless activities, and clutter.

They have no purpose in my life.

At the risk of being vain and pointless, I'll let you know how it turns out.

What's your word for the year? Will you share it?

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Theresa said...

Great word! Purpose is definitely something to strive for. I like how you found so many areas for it.

I cracked up -- drinking more water is my only tangible resolution too. I wish I could say that I have been good about it.

My word is balance. Balance between blog time and family time. balance between work and home. balance between homeschool and ... i am not sure what

Crafter Dream said...

Thanks for sharing this. :) I can relate and appreciate the insight and wisdom too.

As far as my word? I don't know for sure yet, but I am leaning towards healing, redemption, and deliverance. Those are definitely the things I have been praying the most for lately anyway. I have a had a lot of rough years lately but 2011 has been the most brutal one in a while.

Praying for healing (mainly emotional) and a fresh start for my boys and me.

TerriG said...

Healing was definitely last year's word. I forgot to mention, how glad I was to see 2011 go. There was no recap desired. Goodbye Cancer, frustrations, and stress. Saying Happy New Year to friends was a sincere greeting this week.

Thanks for sharing Theresa and Crafter Dream

Lori Watson said...

I wanted my word to be Plan. I had plans and I was going to accomplish them in 2012. A week into it, I'm realizing maybe God had other things in mind. Flexibility seems to be my key word. Could be interesting. ;-)

I realized I haven't seen you in forever! Hope that changes soon. Maybe I'll make the informal B&N. If anyone even goes anymore!