Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas and Thrift, Ten Things

If you were able to stand yesterday's post and my whining about Christmas, thank you for returning. Thanks to Little Guy, who has been singing real Christmas carols non-stop, I feel better already. My home is decorated and I am a little more encouraged about Christmas approaching.

Ann Voscamp wrote another great post yesterday. It has encouraged me to get over my ego, my mice, and my clutter. I encourage you to head over there after you read this post.

I'm a person who learns by mistake, so I am well-schooled in today's topic. Let's talk about Thrift and Christmas. I thought I'd post ten ways not to be Thrifty this Christmas. And Yes, I am guilty of all of these. I've gotten overwhelmed by the Christmas Animal at times and forgotten about Jesus.

Ten Ways To Not Be Thrifty For Christmas

  1. Tell yourself it's Christmas as an excuse to overspend, just pull out the credit card.
  2. Buy gifts for co-workers, co-worshipers, or neighbors that will end up donated or at the next yard sale.
  3. Get your kids the latest electronic gadgets, that are unwanted in few months.
  4. Purchase convenience foods for each of the parties you will be attending.
  5. Hide the gifts you bought earlier in the year so well that you can't find them on Christmas Eve.
  6. Neglect to teach your children the true meaning of Christmas and train them to be receivers.
  7. Buy all of your relatives gifts because you don't want them to think you are cheap.
  8. Procrastinate mailing gifts and end up paying 3 times the cost of the gift to mail them.
  9. Forget to buy for someone and find yourself in a stupor, shopping on Christmas Eve.
  10. Decorate your home with the latest trendy seasonal decorations. Reindeer are so passe. Light your home up with a gizzilion lights that are not LED and don't forget a few blow-up lawn decorations.

Do you have any tips for wasting money this year? Please share!

Happy Thursday!

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