Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out: Christmas? Bah! Humbug!

Things I Can't Say Today's post is linked up to Pour Your Heart Out from Shell at Things I Can't Say. That's a regular feature where bloggers let it rip. They blog about something that has been weighing on their mind or just plain irritating them. It's like a regular therapy session without the bill. If you read the other posts, you may actually start to feel better about yourself. You might say things like "Thank God! I'm not married to him." or "She did what?" or you may think to yourself. "She hit the nail right on the head. I feel the same way too!"  Anyhow, here's my little whine pour your heart out.

It was the night month before Christmas and all through the house...
I've been thinking about Christmas and I've readied my home for the decorating tonight, but I am far from prepared myself. And I don't think I'll gather enough spirit for the holidays. As a grateful Christian, I should be excited for this glorious time. But no....There are a few three specific things that are standing in my way of this holiday joy.

The beautiful family cards have started arriving in the mail. Everyone clean, smiling, in the same location and looking happy. I love those cards. But they remind me of my failures. The only time this year we were dressed nice and together was at a funeral. Not the Kodak family time. Now that I, the pro-procrastinator, finally have time to consider the photo. Things are in place. Vika has returned to the States. But my hormones have left their mark on my face. The current pimples on my face resemble Mt. Vesuvius. When covered with make-up they look like the snow-capped Andes Mountain region. If I was so inclined I would learn some better make-up techniques from this sister-in-the-acne-trenches. But who has time? At this point my loved ones will receive Christmas wishes only. Maybe a New Years Card?

What to get the little darlings for Christmas? As I descend in the depths of the basement, I observe the piles of unused gifts from the past years. I wonder how I got sucked into this American consumerism and became such a greedy person who hoards so much. I get a little green, not with envy, but with a sudden urge not to add more garbage to the planet. I see the excesses and the waste and almost get sick thinking about it. I think a purging and cleaning of the basement would be a great Christmas gift. I can re-gift the gifts to a different child. I can reload the stockings with knick-knacks. Oh wait, they're much to sharp for that trick.
But my thoughts of re-gifting and cleaning the basement are quickly clouded.

Not A Creature Was Stirring Not Even A....Mouse. I've discovered there are well-fed mice in my basement. They have neatly devoured a whole bag of cereal. I am not scared of rodents. I am scared of their droppings. The thoughts of them feasting on my pantry and dropping wherever they please gives me the eeby-geebies. My zeal for my basement overhaul has just been squashed. After the Gman rids the basement of the varmints, I will revisit that thought. It's not a very Christmassy thought. But it could become a tradition.

SO I will put the gifts and the photos out of my mind. Tonight, I'll focus on the fun of decorating. Maybe next week I'll get excited about the Christmas Season. If I can just get the thought of mice droppings out of my mind.

Thanks for listening,

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Shell said...

I'm not doing cards this year- FAIL.

And I have zero clue what to get my kids!

Annemarie said...

i fail at all cards. Christmas,thank you even birth announcements!

BTW iam terrified of mouse poop too

ssmurray5 said...

I can really relate to this. I never have enough time to get things done, and at this time of year, time seems to fly by even faster. Don't fret over the little things like pimples and greeting cards, always remember to stop and prioritize. I just reminded myself of this...thanks!