Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday and the Feingold Diet

Any time I discuss the Feingold diet with others, inevitably the high cost of food comes up. With a little creativity and work, one can easily implement the diet without over-spending.

Ten ways I purchase approved foods without going broke:
  1. When a Feingold food item is on sale, I hoard. Because the products are not full of preservatives, this works best with frozen items, like our favorite ice cream. Also pantry items that are sealed can be bought in bulk. I have been spotted with a cart full of cereal. I'm not ashamed, just thrifty.
  2. Shop fruits and vegetables in season. Sorry son, we only eat watermelon in the summer. Spending 89 cents a pound for bland watermelon just doesn't work here.
  3. Health and beauty products are great for stocking up. Especially sun screens at the end of the season. Our pale white bodies go through sunscreen faster than it can expire.
  4. Baking my own cookies, brownies and cakes is always cheaper than box mixes or store bought. I freeze individual cookies, rice crispy treats, brownies and cakes for lunches.
  5. I shop at different stores for certain items. This is never convenient, but knowing where to find each thing at the lowest price helps.
  6. Occasionally, I make a pilgrimage to Whole Foods. I have to put on blinders and avoid all of the tempting displays. They carry many store brand staples that are reasonably priced. While there, I stock up on chocolate chips, marshmallows, hot chocolate, peanut butter and waffles. I have been known to put in an order with my fellow blogger, Vika, who shops there regularly, that eliminates all of my impulse purchases.
  7. Trader Joe's has made our life incredibly easier. I find their cereals are consistently low priced and without the added BHT in the packaging. Did I mention the fun Little Guy has finding the crab? This creative trick traps mothers in Trader Joe's until their kids scour the entire store looking for the plastic crab. That calls for my secret weapon. STICK TO THE LIST. 
  8. I plan ahead. Anytime I leave the house for more than a few hours with Little Guy, I have a lunch box packed with acceptable foods. Running into a convenience store to find a chemical free snack is an unpleasant experience. Now that Frito Lay will not co-operate with Feingold in filling out food questionnaires, I can't fall back on our old time favorite, unnamed corn chip.
  9. Keeping up with the new items and re-reading my food lists. I will discover some foods that I didn't realize were acceptable. Fortunately, companies are realizing that consumers don't need or want chemicals in their foods and are responding to that.
  10. I order some groceries online. This is where the man in the brown truck shows up, drops a few boxes and I have to resist my urge to hug him. Did I ever confess how tired I am of grocery shopping? The Gman is the only one to get my hugs for his weekly Trader Joe's trips.

But here is where the shameless advertising comes in. I shop at Vitacost every few months to stock up on vitamins, snacks and cereals. They have the best prices and usually free shipping. Of course, I google a coupon before I check out. If you have never tried Vitacost, this is your chance to save $10 on your first order. I promise you, you will have to exercise self-control, when the man in the brown truck delivers your groceries to your front door. Please save your hugs for your beloved. We don't want the neighbors to talk.

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If you are wondering what this Feingold Diet is all about, read my experience here and see my other posts where I sing the praises of Feingold. 

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chacha said...

Excellent tips!

Missy said...

My husband made fun of me when Natural Cheetoes were $2 a bag at Kroger this week and I bought a cart full! HA!

Sheri Fortes said...

Great post! I also blog about the Feingold Diet at I am publishing an e-book entitled "All Natural Mom's Guide to the Feingold Diet" in January. We need to keep spreading the word! :)