Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who would win? Gee, I never thought of that!

When a child begins to think outside the box, it is a blessing when mother can take time to observe it.

Little Guy has compelled me to slow down. Although, I was cleaning because I wanted to bless my family of company coming, I forced myself to stop and play checkers. Now, I can't help but stop and write his words. I know if I don't, I will forget this moment in our life. No, it is not the great achievements, I will write about. It is the preciousness of discovery and thoughts, deep thoughts. Funny thoughts. Thoughts of a future archaeologist. Thoughts of a child discovering this world through reading and photos. Thoughts of the child who once announced, I hate books.

I am so grateful to come downstairs in the morning to find him on the recliner with a book in his hand.

I praise God as his eyes light up while he retells 'My Father's Dragon'.

He anxiously awaits the opening of the library on Monday, I give thanks for that.

On Thursday, when my week had gone on too long, I let everyone know. "I keep thinking this is Friday." Little guy who appeared to be engrossed in a video game looked up and gave me some sage advice. "Go to sleep now, wake up at midnight and for the next 24 hours you will be right."

I was tempted to do just that.

I laughed a deep belly laugh when he announced he was King Kong after getting his pajamas on.

I told him I was Fay Wray. When he learned who she was, he belly laughed and still wanted to be King Kong.

"I need to wear these because my feet get cold at night."

The daily questions continue...

I always stop to answer questions. The day will arrive when they don't ask as many.

I soak them in.

"Which one would win ankylosaurus or a komodo dragon?" Oh, you have stumped me. I need more information, son. Of course, I have never really thought about that. Besides, I have never seen and ankylosaurus operate. "Can you give me some more information?"

"The komodo dragon has a secret weapon, a poison, that can kill in 30 minutes."

"The ankylosaurus has an armored body and has a club tail. It is even safe from a tyrannosaurus rex."

I guess the ankylosauruas. "Wrong!" he says. "It would be a tie."

You can learn much from little ones.

I may not have my lizard and dinosaur facts strait, but I am fascinated by my little instructor.

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ssmurray5 said...

Thanks for the reminder to treasure the "moments"!

Mary Prather said...

I'm enamored by my children and all they know and want to share, too. I loved this post! Thank you. :-)

Chris said...

I love your statement that you soak in your child's questions. That's how I feel, too. There's so many parents who feel questions are a burden. I think they are an amazing way to bond with your children.