Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: The habit of thrift

I recall last year when I was awarded the Thrifty Homeschool Blogger Award from one of my favorite blogs, The HSB Post. I haven't written much about thrift lately, but since I just actually met Dave Ramsey while I was in Arizona, I'm fired up again.

My Arizona trip was all about thrift. Some passive and many active thrift activities.
  • Helping my dad clean out some things from his garage, I found some great clothes for my boys and the Gman. Pops has some stylish cast-offs. I needed to go to a thrift shop to buy a small suitcase on half price day for $7.00 to get the loot home.
  • When my dad needed a bathrobe and I discovered they weren't in season at Walmart or Ross, I scored one for a whopping $2.50.
  • We didn't go out to eat much, so there was some thrift. Pops treats so he was the one benefiting from our staying home.
  • I didn't pay for the Entre Leadership seminar because I didn't want to be out all day. I was able to catch the last hour for free as I waited for the book signing.
  • I bought my son Entre Leadership by Dave Ramsey, which is in essence an investment in my future.
  • No souvenirs, but a gift for the boys who stayed home. Socks and a bathing suit, just the necessities. There is healthy competition in the Chandler area. I was able to pick up these things for a fraction of the cost here in my tourist location.
  • We took the bus home from the airport. With the cost of gas, parking and wear and tear on the car, it was the thriftier choice. We could have hitch-hiked, but that would have been insane thrift.
Once I was home, I was in full gear.
  • Borrowing the geometry teacher's book and DVD from my Bestie.
  • Combining my real estate appointments to save gas.
  • I enjoyed dinner on my boss for our monthly pizza night. Great Mediterranean pizza, and because I don't drink, my tab for a sprite didn't break the bank. I love soda with pizza, but switched to water after one.
  • I attended a free self-defense class offered by our local real estate organization.
  • I gave up cream in my coffee. After a few days, I don't notice the difference anymore. Maybe, I'll shed a pound by this tightwaddery.
At the grocery store, I wasn't so successful. Has anyone else noticed the insane prices? Four bags of groceries for $40, Yikes!

What have you done to advance thrift in your life this week? I am always looking for more creative ways to part with less money.

Happy Thursday,
Terri G.
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Mary Prather said...

I don't know if this is advancing thrift, but we are saying no to the many ways you can be nickel and dimed through your kids' activities. Case in point: baseball pictures are Saturday, and the cheapest package is $38! Seriously? Why do we need these pictures? Maybe once every couple of years I will get them, but we take plenty of photos on our own and I think people just buy these packages because of the pressure on picture day.

We also are buying snacks and drinks in bulk at Sam's and keeping them in the back of our van for swim meets, baseball games, and other times in general. It saves us money by not using concession stands.

Getting rid of satellite/cable has saved us a bundle each month, too.

My husband works for a nonprofit credit counseling agency that endorses and does work with Dave Ramsey, so we live by his principles. I want to be a good steward of my money, not waste it!

ssmurray5 said...

I agree with your comment about food prices. My grocery bill has been outrageous too.
Mary makes a good point above regarding sports photos. We take our own photos too and send them to They have much cheaper rates on sports trader cards, sports magazine covers and a sports print package too if you want something other than a regular print.
Also, Terri, I just discovered a new thrift shop! Let me know when you can take a road trip.