Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Blogs

Blogs I love.

The other day I talked about what is keeping me from blogging. Another thing in my life that I miss is reading blogs. I follow many, but lately reading blogs is something that I fit in sporadically.

I know another blogger in real life! I was very excited to hear about a sister from my church who actually attended a Christian writers conference. I had no idea that she loved to write. She shares her amazing story at Spencer's Mom. I have known Robin for years and she is the real deal. Her blog is who she is and what God is doing in her life. I know the people in her story and have seen the transformed lives. Please head over there and meet some of my excellent friends.

Almost all of the blogs that I read are written by women except, The Old Geezer Blog. I have never personally met Ron, but I'd love to have coffee with him. His blog is just plain fun! I have to admit I am insanely jealous of him. His posts always get comments. Insightful comments, encouraging comments and he has a way of drawing his readers into his blog. Another thing about his blogging style is he changes. One day he is funny, the next week he is challenging, and the next week he is talking about culture. I hope you will enjoy the old Geezer as much as I do.

We interrupt this blog post for a shameless plea!!! 

Don't forget to enter to win a copy of the dvd The Shunning. As of tonight, there are only 3 entries.

Now for those who enjoy what I call an Iron Sharpeneth Iron blog, don't miss Kimberly at Until The Day Dawn. I especially enjoyed her post What Kind of Wife Am I?. She is not just a homeschool mom blogger, but she is a deep thinker. She writes about politics, faith, homeschooling, and her family. I rarely miss her posts.

Are there any blogs that you absolutely love? What do you love about them? If you get a chance to stop by these blogs, let me know.

Thanks for stopping here.

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