Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Musings: 10 things that keep me from blogging.

When you are living the abundant life, you may not have time to blog. I have found that has been the case since last June. Blogging is my favorite hobby, but somehow life has squeezed most of my time. I know it is just a season, but I do miss writing. When speaking with my sister-in-law, she was surprised to hear I was in Arizona, I hadn't blogged about it. That's pretty funny. She must have thought I have been living an uneventful life, if she had to read about it here. Here's the update of the things that get in the way of blogging:

  1. My husband has been declared cancer free, we won't be going to the doctors for a while. Praise God!
  2. My training is complete, so I won't have anymore classes. It's a good thing, because I think I have used up every available brain cell.
  3. I am actually a working Realtor with clients and two listings. I sold my first house last week. When I went to the home with my friends who bought it, it was an incredible experience. I felt that I was interrupting a holy moment. The somewhat newlyweds were in love with their first home together. It really blotted out all of the memories of the frustrating delays. 
  4. Homeschooling high school students is not for the faint-hearted. I am correcting work and teaching my boys at odd hours. I don't remember a bit of Biology, so I am learning right along with Paperboy. 
  5. I am in Arizona to be with my dad as he recovers from surgery. No vacation, but I did sneak off to Ross for a few minutes. I'm not sure when I will be home. I have only been in the pool once. I hope to remedy that this week.
  6. Preparing for my trip was enough work in itself. I did bring Paperboy along with me. I am enjoying the one on one with him as we have our "meetings" as I go over his work. 
  7. This summer, I made a point of getting to the beach as much as possible. My iPhone made it possible to work from the beach. I also survived the summer with very limited internet, long story, another blog post. 
  8. I have realized how easy I had it when I didn't work outside the home. I was spoiled. I have to admit, if I didn't have kids at home right now, I would enjoy working. I have some great colleagues.
  9. My teens do not drive yet, so I spend more time in the car than I wish.
  10. Since my sweet husband has sent me here with his blessing, as soon as I get back, I won't be blogging for a few days. I'll be spoiling him.

Enjoying the Sabbath,
Terri G.

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Unknown said...

Wow -- first of all, so many praises for #1. That is wonderful! I liked your update and enjoy your outlook on life and priorities.

I hope your father gets better soon!

Pam said...

Love your list and love your blog! Homeschooling high school here too. WITH classes and tutors.