Thursday, September 1, 2011

Irene and I got along fine, Thrifty Thursday, and the Winner

Hurricane Irene didn't disrupt our lives too much.

We spent time at home together.

The Gman was very prepared.

Daddy taught paperboy how to hook up a generator to our electrical panel.

The sticks and debris were cleaned up quickly.

Life is back to normal.

Some of my thrifty actions last week:

Thrifty is not shopping before the hurricane. No chance of food getting spoiled.

Thrifty is winning Red Sox tickets by calling the radio station. Of course, including prayer, faith and singing: Take me out to the ball game. Thanks to God, for my son's birthday gift!

Saying yes! to turkey. My overachieving friend, Jan, dropped off a turkey since she had lost power and had no generator. I'm not crazy about turkey, but anything with enough gravy is awesome! Homemade gravy is easy and cheap!

Cancelling the second Xm radio subscription is thrifty. Our first subscription was a lifetime membership which has more than paid for itself. During the attempt to reorder, the call was dropped and the restart never happened. We decided we could live without a second radio.

As I promised last week:
The winner of the Grace Card Movie is:

Entering contests is a great way to be thrifty. This movie could be a great date night movie for the winner and her hubby. Congratulations to the guinea pig! Shirley, who is very thrifty.

Look for more upcoming give-aways here.

Thanks for stopping by, Terri G.
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