Monday, August 8, 2011

Leary Tales: An Inspiration for Families

When my friend Jan, one of my most faithful blog readers, asked me to review her book on my blog, I was a little shocked. Not that she asked me, but because I had no idea that her family worked together creating this wonderful book. You see my friend Jan is already one of those over-achievers. You know those friends we love but that keep raising the bar. She does everything with excellence. She sews, acts, she's incredibly funny, her house is beautiful, she grows things that don't die, she's a prayer warrior, and she has an amazing faith. I forgot to tell you that she eats as much chocolate as she pleases and is still skinny. And now she is an author who was featured in our local newspaper!

Leary Tales is a compilation of poems written by Jan, her husband, Bob and illustrated by two of her very talented sons, Jon and Ben. They spent their Sunday afternoons together creating these funny poems and drawings. I was amazed at the variety of subjects they wrote about. Knowing this family and reading their book was a treat.

One of my favorite poem and illustration in the book is My Calico Cat. First of all, the painting is beautiful and it reminds me of Sabie's lovable Miss Kitty. The poem fits Miss Kitty perfectly. Jan intricately describes the prey she hunts for. I can't tell you what it is, but it is disgusting! It really invoked giggles for me and Little Guy.

The pictures are a combination of paintings and drawings done while their boys were younger. Seeing the change in their styles was fascinating. There are watercolors, textured drawings and cartoons. These boys have been gifted, it will be interesting to see what direction they go in after college.

This book has poems for all personalities. Baseballs, penguins, birds butterflies, golf and a day in court are visited in such unique ways. "Spenderella" about a wife who loves to shop is one I can't relate to, but it leaves me wondering who can he be talking about? Their rendition of "Now I lay me down to sleep" has a delightful, humorous ending.

If you are interested in owning your own copy of Leary Tales, you can purchase this 97 page softcover book at Author house for $20.00. Hurry up before Spenderella buys them!

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Unknown said...

Very cool! It's amazing that they compiled it all and now it's published. What an awesome accomplishment!

Theresa said...

Very cool book! Awesome concept!

Thank you for linking up with the Three Thinking Mothers Blog Hop!!