Sunday, July 3, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

 Good! I live in a serious tourist town that normally frowns upon flashy attractions. Bad! They approved this one on the road leading to the transfer station a.k.a. the dump. Ugly! Yes that is the first ride you see as you drive up. Very Ugly!

Good! The nice man that held the whole line up so we could get this photo shot!

Bad! The speed at which my iPhone snaps pictures. It does not keep up with the action here. Where are the kids?

Ugly! Yes this ride is super ugly. It does not fit in with the historical New England town I live in.

Good! The obstacle courses were a good way to add some competition to the day.

Bad! Sometimes they picked up so much speed they fell out onto the hard ground. 

Good! The was a great variety of sports themed rides.

Ugly! There were no seats for the parents to sit while they waited a mere two and a half hours..

Good! The cousins took turns winning the races.

Bad and Ugly! My finger in front of the lens ruining my great shots.

Good! The way my kids are sleeping so soundly right now.
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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Haha! Cute post! The good looks like it outweighed the bad. ;)