Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: Dishes, Friends and Endurance

When I married the Gman 19 years ago, I was practical.

I picked everyday dishes that would match everything.

Yawn. White. Boring. Practical.

The dishes of a young bride who lived in a rented house, with boring white walls.

Sometimes boring is reliable. Boring is faithful and steady. It may not be exciting, but it lasts. Like my dishes. Through four boys, four moves and possibly 21,000  meals. The plates have a few chips, some gray scratches from the silverware, and a few haven't survived the unloading and loading in the hands of the little men here.

But my faithful friend has replenished my supply. She has brought newness to my old friends. This is a box that my BFF Shirley collected for me.

She's a faithful friend. She thought of me while she was out thrift shopping. She went the extra mile. She scrubbed the marks off of them. I am thankful to have such a friend.

Do you have any old reliable things in your home? Do you have faithful friends, who you don't see enough of? I am blessed with both.

Thank You, Shirley!

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Mary Prather said...

I loved this post... and it's funny because I was just looking at our dishes (now 14 years old) and thinking how worn out they look, but there is something comfortable about them.

Yes, I am blessed with worn out things and faithful friends. I consider myself blessed!

Toyin O. said...

Sweet post, sounds like you have amazing friends.

ssmurray5 said...

Yup, that's me: care-worn, boring, pale white, but reliable........or were you talking about the dishes?
Hee, hee! Seriously, your friendship is a blessing to me, and I love reading your posts. ~ BFF

Theresa said...

Wow, this reminded me of our first set of dishes. Quite possibly the biggest set of dishes we have ever owned. My MIL bought them in a thrift store and they were basic off white with little flecks of brown. My husband's mom had given them to him when he got his first apartment and we ate on those dishes for years until we got married and got new dishes as a wedding gift. I put those dishes in a box to give my girls when they move out. I actually divided them between TWO boxes there were so many of them. Service for 20 at least.

My MIL is gone now and sometimes I really miss her, so I am thinking of getting out those dishes, just to hold them again.

Thanks for this post. I am following you now!