Friday, May 20, 2011

Word Qwerty: A Review

As a member of the TOS Homeschool crew, this year I am reviewing many homeschooling products that I have received for free. I am not paid to say nice things about the products, but I am obligated to use the product and share my honest opinions with you. In today's review, Little Guy was our product tester...

Wordy Qwerty Online Edition by Talking Fingers

This product is suited for students in grades 2 through 4. Little Guy is actually is only in first grade, but he was able to challenge himself with it. Even though at times the lessons were over his head, with a little help, he was able to succeed and pass to the next level. I could see his moments of frustration turn into light bulb moments. 

I liked the way they repeated the rules, used songs and games to reinforce the spelling rules. Little Guy is just not one for the jingles. He wanted to skip over them. The jingles lined up nicely with his phonics program. This will make a great supplement for those who want to add computer games to their phonics lessons.

The 20 lessons, with 6 different activities appeal to many different learning styles. While I considered Word Querty a little advanced for my six year old, I believe it will be an excellent fit for next year. 

This was Little Guy's favorite game where you pick the correct spelling of the word. He enjoyed trying to figure this out as fast as possible.

Parts of this activity were very challenging for Little Guy. If he wasn't listening carefully, he missed the word and couldn't guess form the picture which word they were looking for example Cent or Coin.

As a mom who has been a little obsessed with spelling and phonics over the years, all I can say is: I wish I had a game like this when I first began homeschooling.

Wordy Qwerty is available from the Talking Fingers website and is available in two formats. You can purchase an online edition, starting at $25 with a 5 year license that includes an audio cd, JingleSpells of the 20 songs in the program. Y A Home Edition is $35.00 and includes the program CD, program guide, and cd of all 20 songs contained in Wordy Qwerty.

As always, I appreciate their try before you buy policy. You can see if Word Qwerty is right for your family, try it here. If you are willing to sign up for their newsletter, you can save 20% off your order. Don't just take my word for it, see what other crew members thought here.

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