Friday, May 13, 2011

Ten Things I learned at Bloggy Boot Camp

Yes, it was all that it claims to be and then some. In fact after I started my list. I realized that I may need to do a second list. I cannot possibly cover it all in one post.

Ten things I learned at Bloggy Boot camp:

  1. When you are exhausted, you cannot possibly look as pretty as Tiffani Romero. Spring for the hotel room. Driving up the same day and having only a day to meet other bloggers is not enough time. Can you see how tired I am in this picture? Of course, my buddy Lori looks great because true friends post the flattering pictures of their friends, no matter how bad they themselves look.
  2. If you are lacking post inspiration, there are so many places for inspiration. If you lack time, a quick list can become a great post. 
  3. SEO is not a band from the 80's. It's something I may start to think and act on once a week. 
  4. Join with others bloggers, get out and participate in "memes" which is actually pronounces MEEMS. Shell, who is a lovely hostess of Pour Your Heart Out, was the catalyst for my signing up for #BBCBOS. She was right, it was so worth it.
  5. Get yourself an editor. We interrupt this blog post for a little classified ad: Help wanted! Faithful reader who is not embarrassed to tell you that your skirt is tucked into your pantyhose or to let me know if there are grammar and spelling errors on my blog. Salary: Nothing except the pure joy of knowing that you have made my blogging world a better place. The Gman used to do this, but lately he has not been such a faithful reader. He's fired.
  6. Be yourself when you blog, don't try to copy others. Branding yourself doesn't involve pain and a hot iron. It's deciding what your blog is all about. Amy Bradley-Hole asked us 5 thought provoking questions.  I'm still trying to answer them. 
  7. Be prepared, bring snacks, chocolate and extra chocolate. The hungry tweets were flying around.
  8. Your photos can improve.  Modchik has given me hope. She is incredibly beautiful, talented and pretty, she won't be invited to my pool this summer. Because she's skinny and has a great camera. But, I'd like to take her to an all you can eat buffet.
  9. MamaNiri has taught us that blogging can be used to make this world a better place. This is something I have been praying about lately. I don't just want to gush words. I want my words to encourage, help or change things. This can be done by joining with a cause that you are passionate about or just by sharing what you already know. I'm not sure if any cause would want to attach themselves to my craziness, but I want to use my blog to promote my favorite non-profit. 
  10. Anytime you apply for a job, you are pitching yourself. This is funny because my current position was gained by my husband pitching me and showing off our family picture. Carol Shiller has given me a whole new way of thinking about my job and my blog.
Blogy Boot Camp was an exciting day of escape for me. Spending an entire day focused on blogging was a dream come true. I truly hated to see the day end. If you have a chance to attend, do it.

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Mrs. White said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! You both look lovely!!!

Mrs. White
The Legacy of Home

@TiffanyRom said...

SEO isn't a band from the 80's... hahahahahaha.

And you talked about me being pretty- this post is a WIN.

So glad you enjoyed, I had a wonderful time too. There is nothing like being in a room full of great women.

Thank you for coming!!!

Diane Schmidt said...

Great post! I attended BBC in SD. It was wonderful. Glad to see you had a great time :)

Amy B. said...


And I thought this was one of the best conference days ever. SO much to learn and do!

Mommy's Fabulous said...

So glad we got to meet! I will be in touch!

Desiree said...

Ha! Number 8... oh Lord. Pleasure meeting you at BBCBOS!