Monday, May 23, 2011

Multitudes on Monday, I just started

For months I have seen many great bloggers sharing their gratitude on their blog. I have been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I couldn't resist starting my list. I keep it in my purse, and jot gifts down whenever I can think of them. I decided not to copy them here, but share the immediate things I am thankful for.

  1. The cardinal that continued it's fashion show today.
  2. The ability to learn new things and those who are patient to teach me.
  3. Teenagers who still give hugs, even the 'Christian side hugs'.
  4. Boys talking about math together.
  5. Seven year-old boys and their zeal to pick dandelions.
  6. The husband who picks up the loose ends.
  7. The homeschool friends I have collected over the years.
  8. A washer and dryer, laundry to fold and clothes to choose from.
  9. Cuddling and reading to my Little Guy.
  10. A skilled surgeon.
  11. The gadgets that make my life easier.
  12. Proverbs and the clarity they bring.
  13. Adult chocolate.

I have endless things to be thankful for. You are cordially invited to share your list in the comments section below or on your blog. I'm joining with other thankful blogger over here. 

With google thanks,
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Stephanie said...

I like to pop by and read a few lists each week. It is good to see the gifts He is giving to others, too. It opens my eyes.

I loved your "cuddles and reading" and especially the picture of the cardinal's show. Bless you in this sweet adventure!

Kristin Bridgman said...

Ok, this chocolate lover fixed right in on adult chocolate. I thought it was all the same. What am I missing? :)

And I love your title Accidentally Homeschooling. I never meant to homeschool, but it happened one day, then we used to say,"Well, just this year." We finished 14 years later.

Visiting from Ann's place. It was a joy to be here.

TerriG said...

Hey Kristin, thanks for visiting, 1000 gifts came just at the right time for me.

Adult chocolate is really smooth, creamy, expensive chocolate. Kid's chocolate is found in the grocery store check out line. I probably need to blog about this to clear this up.

Shell said...

Such a sweet list!