Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's not always chocolate and roses on Mother's Day

When I was asked if I had a nice Mother's Day, they didn't really want to know the truth. I don't like to lie, and I don't want to appear unhappy, so I should have just changed the subject. Or I could have said the obligatory "Yes, it was nice, thank you."

I've never liked it when bloggers whine. But maybe worse is when bloggers brag. I tend skim those posts quickly. I am guilty of both kinds of posts. But I'll keep this short. My real Mother's Day report:

The Good

I found my lost make-up bag at church.
I had a nap.
We ate delicious tacos for lunch.
There was chocolate for dessert.

The Bad

I needed that make-up.
My nap was cut short.
I cooked those tacos myself.
No one bought me chocolate.

and The Ugly

I fought with my husband.
It's still not resolved.
Our lunch date tomorrow won't be much fun if I don't get over it.

Tonight, I connected with my friend, who has no children and will never have them. My pity party was over. I realized even my worst Mother's Day was something to be happy about.

I appreciate you listening. My brother would offer me some cheese with this whine in the comment section, if he actually read my blog. But I can't whine about that.

Come back tommorrow to read some bragging about my trip to Bloggy Boot Camp Boston. 

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Tammy_Skipper said...

I have thought this many times today: my friends who would give anything to have their own child are the reason I will accept this less-than-ideal day. Hope you are able to work things out before your lunch date.

Shell said...

Here's my Mother's Day whine: my HUSBAND took a nap this afternoon. That is just wrong. Should have been MY nap.

But, I was outside, playing with my boys instead. :)

Can't wait to hear about BBC!

Free Spirit Beth said...

Can I whine with you?
I usually work every Sunday at my paid job but due to a flare of my autoimmune condition I have not been able to function normally since Friday.
My 30 yr old son called to tell me Happy Mother's Day and sorry I still feel bad. I never heard from my daughter that I co-teach her children.
Whine yes..then again I really don't feel good so it was a blessing that they did not swoop in on me. Stll, soon I will need to get better so the dishes can get done.
Mothers are indeed special but it is not a glamorous job and often even when the thank you comes along it is mixed in with more you are taking one.

Beverly said...

My Mother's Day was pretty stinky, too. Oh well.... Gotta move on, right? And on a positive note - there's always Father's Day coming up, and we can get revenge. LOL. Just kidding. Sorta.

Donna Urso said...

Hi Terri. Thanks for visiting my Just One Donna Blog. I try not to put too much expectation into Mother's Day. It's just a contrived holiday. My hubby and I set the tone on our first respective Mother's/Father's Day. For us, it is a day for children to acknowledge parents. Husbands/wives are off the hook. :)
I've signed on as a new follower,

Deb said...

Three years ago, my husband somehow convinced me to clean out the garage on Mother's Day.


I know! He will never live it down. He offered the same activity this Mother's Day, but I've smartened up some since then and declined.

Boy Crazy said...

Aww! I think you have a good, honest, balanced attitude. It's OK to whine a little. SOMEONE should have brought you chocolate!!! :)