Sunday, May 15, 2011

Choices: I choose to be a place of rest

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I enjoyed the most incredible nap today until my sleep was jarred by 5 teenager's laughter. For that I am thankful. I have always wanted my home to be the place where they wanted to be. I have my own fond memories of my neighbor's hospitality when I was young. I sat for hours with my friend's mom and savored long conversations over plates of food. She always had kind words that lifted me out of my situation.

I have wanted to be that type of Mom. One who was not avoided, but one who the kids were drawn to. We joked today about my finally becoming a 'boy magnet'. A friend couldn't believe how I spend my Sunday afternoons. Some day, I will have quiet Sunday afternoons and longer naps. But, I am choosing this instead.

I choose not to get frazzled at the wrestling, the weapons, the video games, the nerf wars, and the non-stop hunger. Seeing the speed in which Statueman grew up, I choose to savor this over complain.

I choose to look at the bright side. One great thing about hosting teenage boys in our home is the lack of pressure on the hostess, me. My lame offering of hot dogs and French fries are devoured happily. They don't notice the floors that need vacuuming. If they do, they aren't saying anything. They are easy house guests. Blessings.

I choose this, I had many reasons not to, everyone would have understood. But I am so glad I did. How about you, did you have any great company this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

I love this! I hope that one day my home can be a place of rest for my son's friends when they are teenagers too. Love that are easily pleased with food too. xo