Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday: The Spontaneous Field Trip

When you are blessed to live near the beach, the invisible "force" pulls you. The day arrives when you feel the humidity and the warmth, as you walk out the door. It detours you. Suddenly, the Monday morning priority "to do" list, has lost it's urgency. The rush to get dressed and into the car becomes the fire drill of the moment.

The haircut can wait.

 The first order of business is shoes off.

This is where and  how boys play.

Brothers become co-conspirators in silly photos.

The rock hunter gets lost in the endless finds.

 Each rock is a new treasure to be admired, described and collected.

We can't fight the forces of nature.

  God's handiwork is everywhere.

  I am grateful to my God for this morning.

With a thankful heart,
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Tammy said...

Definitely counts in our homeschool!!

Faith said...

Looks lovely! I'm jealous!

Sennie said...

What a great homeschool day!! So glad you got to go, just breathtakingly beautiful! And my favorite times to go are Spring & Fall, when it's so much quieter :)

viktoria said...

Terri, the pictures look fabulous! Great job!

TerriG said...

5ennie: I was thinking how nice it was to have the beach to ourselves.

Viktoria: All of those shots are taken with my new camera. The iPhone 4. I am so loving my phone. Another bonus is I don't forget my camera or run out of batteries!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics. What a beautiful day...

Unknown said...

Always counts in ours too! If you drill multiplication on the way- it can be math too! (or use sea shells for manipulatives!) :)

Cellista said...

Beautiful pictures! What a lovely day. Is that the East Coast? I just love the Atlantic Ocean. We're planning a trip back East in the fall and this just reminded me that we need to plan a beach day. :)

Unknown said...

How great to live by the beach. So many learning adventures to be had.