Friday, April 15, 2011

An update and some reader participation please.

I am tapping out this post as I get ready to run out the door.
A few things I want to share:

My give away for Magdelena is ending soon. Can I be strait with you? That is about the best movie about Jesus that I have seen in a long time. Please enter or better yet but yourself a copy.

I have noticed many new followers and subscribers over the past few weeks. Thanks for sticking around, you give me a reason to write. Some of you are from the Ultimate blog party which was a great experience. If you joined in, go back to see if you won. I was so blessed to win a $100 gift card from Land's End. Yes, I have already spent most of it.

Also a few readers came by from the blog walk. Hi and welcome! I will be stopping by your blog very soon to see who these discerning readers are.

This week my blog has been in the back seat of my life. New job, great company visiting, an actual social life and annual Bible conference at our church. It's been a full week. Plenty of things to blog about, just no time.

Next week, my children will participate in the Stanford Achievement Testing with our homeschooling group. We will be having a clothing swap at the testing site. I hope to bring home much less than I drop off.  Paperboy will be flying to Arizona as soon as he finishes his test.

I have a few questions for you.

Do you test your children? How do you 'report' to your local school system? What do you think about teaching to the test? I have been known to 'brush my kids up' on math and science terms. Would you do that? I can't help but thinking that their test results are a job performance report for me. Do you worry about that?

Thanks for stopping by,

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Unknown said...

Hi Terri! In Texas there are no requirements for homeschooling, which is great for me but in general it could be worrisome since there are no standards-at all. So we do not have to test at all. We only have 1 daughter so far and she is 7. This was our first year with hsing and I actually am just impressed that she is moving through her books/workbooks quickly. That is how I am testing her this year. :) As far as teaching to test I'm sure it's fine the way you are doing it but in general I do not think that is a true way to teach, learn or find out what a child really knows. I used to be really good at cramming info in and memorizing/remembering it for a couple days but after that I never remembered it again. Have a great weekend!!

Debbie said...

I also live in Texas, and though we do not have to report to any authority (but God), the Texas Homeschool Association does put out a list of standards that we follow.

I am about to graduate my oldest son and I tested him using the Stanford, when he was in 2nd grade and 8th grade. He did very well both times. He also took an entrance exam at a local Christian school and did well.

The only problem with tests is that most homeschoolers dont follow the same curriculum as the schools, so therefore, we have studied different subjects at different times. That's all the test amounts to, is testing you on what you've learned so far. But, your child might be so much more knowledgeable about other parts of the same subject, so it's not really a good indication of their knowledge.
Every curriculum is different as to when they teach different skills. For instance, Abeka teaches cursive in kindergarten or first grade. No other curriculum does that! Likewise, I once compared Alpha Omega and Abeka, and though they taught the same history topics, they were done in different years. So, depending on when you took the test and what standard they used to grade, your child might be "behind". Not a good indication of how "smart" he is, or how good of a job you're doing. Just a bunch of facts on a piece of paper.
Just my opinion.

I think you would be better off testing your children based off what you KNOW you have presented them with, and see how much they are retaining and learning. Truth is, you cover it again and again, as the years go by.

I know this is long, sorry!

Unknown said...

I live in NC and we are required to test yearly once our child turns 7. We don't have to submit the test results, just keep them on file. My daughter is 5.5 and we are finishing our first year of homeschooling. I am testing her (we're using CAT.) I am not teaching to the test, but I do think it's important to go over math and science words because wording on a test may be different than wording that I use. I also feel like this test is a reflection of me, but I also don't think that standardized tests are a true reflection of what a child has learned.