Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pre-Convention Post

I am waiting in the hotel lobby for my friend to join me. I have not boasted about the Gman lately, so it's about time. He really wanted me to get out of town, he has noticed I'm not as cheery lately. He had the brilliant idea for me to go to MassHope a day early, get settled in and have a great night's sleep. He seems to have some inside information that I may get grumpy and inattentive without sleep. He's perceptive, and I am blessed.

My first hour alone in the hotel room was beautiful. After I carefully inspected for bedbugs, I unpacked. I devoured my ceasar salad in peace while I casually read the paper. How fortunate I was to get this amazingly clean room that even has a pull out couch for my buddy who is not into sharing beds. It had a little balcony overlooking the courtyard. Sweet.  And then it started.

The screaming, the yelling, the pulling at my interior door. O.k. I can hear every word all five of those children and their shushing mommies are saying. They are excited to be in a hotel, just like me. But they just express it much differently. After I peek out and introduce myself, I re-enter my room with less excitement. I enjoy three minutes of quiet and it starts again. O.K. in my older mature age now, I am becoming less tolerant.

Thankfully, the nice lady at the desk finds me a new room. I reinspect for bedbugs. No bugs, no pull out, no balcony, no noise. O.k. I can deal with it.

I know you must be thinking if I was looking for a little quiet time, why would I possibly go to a homeschool convention with hundreds of families? I don't know either. I do know, I am ready to get back to my planning and focusing my thoughts on the upcoming year.

Would you have switched your room? Should I be embarrassed if I bump into the family again? I know I wouldn't want to room next to me and my offspring. Has anyone else turned into a grumpy older lady like me?

In His hands, despite my grumpiness,

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Unknown said...

Hahaha! I am a bedbug searcher, too!! People think I'm crazy, but they're also glad to have a crazy bedbug searcher with them at a hotel even if they don't admit it! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time at the convention... ours is next weekend and I can't wait!! It's really close so no hotel, bedbug searches or noisy children for me!!

wakeupfaith said...

Great question Terri - I think I would have to move as well. Maybe the fact that God took care of it for you meant that He wanted you to see if you would rely on Him instead of complaining - which sometimes in my case seems to get confused. Bless you and your hard work. My wife homeschools and it "aint" so easy. :)Bless you!

Julie said...

Wow, thanks for being so relatable. I am crazy when I even remotely think there might be a bedbug. My family and I stayed at a state park cabin last year and I swear there were one else was itchy but me...needless to say, we checked out the next morning. lol

I would have moved rooms too. If I wanted screaming, romp-a-room kids I could have just gone back home for the night. :)