Monday, April 4, 2011

Marriage Monday: Letters, Spirits, and a Challenge

My friend Lyn has filled her home with spirits. No, her house isn't haunted. It's decorated with photos and treasures from her family. 

In her home, she has beautiful letters her children have written framed on the walls. 

One is from her son to his autistic older brother. In this handwritten letter, he shares his love for his brother. He made promises to him. He has kept those promises. It is a testimony of the power of words. I can see my friend, cleaning her house, stopping to re-read those words. Thanking God for her children. I am sure those same words lift her spirits on the tough days. 

Those words lifted me when I read them. 

In her bedroom was another letter. Right next to the dresser, her husband can see it each day. It is a letter from her daughter honoring her father with the most precious words. I'm assuming, those words from his girl keep him motivated in his daily struggles. I can imagine him getting ready for another day of work, and taking a moment to read it. This letter is full of spirit, it shows appreciation, respect and it's no secret, his girl has a deep love for her dad. I'm sure that gift, meant more to him than all of the ties, books and other presents he has received from her.

The act of displaying those words, is where the spirits are released. Lyn has decorated her home with love.

Words are Spirit. What spirits are dwelling in your home? What words have you shared with your husband today? Are they words you even want in writing? Would they shame you if they were printed or shared on a blog?

I used to write love letters to my husband. As a new wife, I only made homemade Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary and Valentine's Day cards. I put a tremendous effort into these cards and letters. That was before four kids and a blog.

I remember one night I hosted a homeschool support group meeting at my house.
Here was the agenda:

1. Eat
2. Have fun.
3. Write a thank you letter to your husband.

I had sent out an email reminding the ladies what we would be doing that night. I asked them to ponder a letter. I reminded the ladies that; without our hardworking husbands, we would not have this amazing opportunity to teach our children at home. This facet of homeschooling support is often neglected.

I supplied pretty stationary. We took five or ten minutes to thank our husbands for their hard work and sacrifice. We didn't share our letters with each other. I never heard any reports of what a blessing the letters were. That's o.k. because it's really not my business. I can bet my husband still has my letter.

I haven't written one in a while.

Little Guy and I were drawing together the other night. He was drawing his favorite things: rocks, gold and crystals. I was drawing trees. I messed up trying to draw a carved heart on one of the trees. It was supposed to be a heart with T. loves G. Little Guy asked me why I stopped drawing my picture. I showed him my mistake and explained it. We continued drawing.

A few minutes later, he handed me a picture:

He said: "I made you your love picture for Daddy."

I melted.

When Daddy came home, I showed it to him. Daddy immediately taped to the mirror in our dining room.

I smile when ever I see it.

My words are spirit. I have imparted a spirit to my boy. Thankfully, the right one.

I'm probably the only person I know who has had a six-year old ghost writer.

But now it's my turn.

My challenge to myself and anyone else, who has made it to the end of this post, write a letter.

It may not make it to the wall, but it will make it to their heart.

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Rachel said...

I loved this. Thank you for the good ideas...I'm off to start framing those piles of letters the kids have written to each other spontaneously that are currently cluttering the top of my microwave.

And to write a note to my husband.

Thank you!

TerriG said...

Rachel, you made my day! And by the way, I love your profile picture!

DD said...

I had to smile when I read your blog (re: appreciating your husband) because this has been on my mind for the last couple days.
It started when I realized what a jerk I was when my husband called to say hi (he was on a business trip in Florida) and I was so distracted by everything I was doing, that I actually felt irritated by his calling me to chat. He could tell, and actually said, "Well you sound really distracted so I'm going to let you go." (which of course made me feel bad. But it was true.) This happened TWO times over the last couple weeks, and after the 2nd one, I felt the whispering of God pointing out something. Here is the man that makes my whole spoiled life possible, and I can't even give him the time of day? Then I thought even further, and I thought how many times we do this to God. He is the one who makes our whole spoiled lives possible, and sometimes we can't even give him the time of day. Something to think about, and act upon, (perhaps starting with a letter to our husband! :)

Steph @ MomKaboodle said...

Fabulous idea....and one that I'm sure my hubby will appreciate. Thanks for this!

Unknown said...

this is great- i have 3 little boys who are always listening and watching my every move- they interpret things their own way but with amazing insight! fantastic reminder! ty- kelli
new follower- from twitter (i've been responding to your tweets! some are similar to mine- @AdventurzNchild -