Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Wishes

You may have noticed that I haven't made a big deal about Easter. Before the collective gasp sounds, no, I am not an atheist. Actually, I am quite the opposite. I could blame it on childhood baggage, but I won't. I just get a little disappointed that the world makes a big deal about Jesus only two days out of the year. I almost feel like a phony if I jump in on the bandwagon. You don't need to feel too sorry for my family, I did buy some rib-eye steaks and we'll have a small family dinner. Paperboy is enjoying his trip to the grandparents while Statueman is spending the day with very sweet girl and her family. So our day will be simple. I don't go overboard because every day I celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead.

He is my only hope to overcome the sins that so easily beset me.

He is my only hope for eternal life.

He is the one that gives me the strength to face any hardships that come my way.

He is the one that heals, saves, protects, provides and comforts me.
He is the one who plucked me off the road of destruction on June 13, 1986.

He is the one who abundantly blessed my life with a wonderful husband and four sons.

He is the one who has surrounded me with so many wonderful friends.

He is the one who has repaired the breaches in my family.

He is loves me with an undying love.

I hope all of my friends and family have a wonderful day enjoying the time together. I pray you keep the hope of the risen Savior in your lives every day.

Daily in love with Jesus,
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1 comment:

Amy said...

LOVE THIS! Really do! I am trying to teach my little ones this exact same thing! Great reminder!