Friday, April 22, 2011

Coffee, Logs and Sawdust

I have noticed that when you blog, you can become susceptible to many criticisms. Let's face it, we are putting our family, our opinions, the food we eat, the money we spend and many other details of our life on our blogs for others to see and judge. I can't believe they eat that food. How can she use that curriculum? She is too strict with her kids. She lets her kids get away with murder. How can she show those pictures on her blog, look how messy her sun room is. Look at those spelling and grammar errors, how can she homeschool her kids? 

I used to be a judge. It still creeps up on me at times.

I admit, I still fight it. Since re-reading Dave Ramsey, I am struggling with my bad habit, again.

Our church is located behind a Dunkin' Donuts. I'll confess a stupid none-of-my-business judgement I do, even at church.  When I see someone with a coffee in their hand, I think "What a waste of money." I have judged their financial behaviors and it is not my business. I have already labeled someone in my mind, before I even knew them. I am critical because I was set free from Caramel Frappes. Does God really care if they buy a Coffee Coolatta? I should be rejoicing they are not still drinking a 12 pack of beer every day.

God has a way of changing me. His best strategy was to fill my life with so much abundance. Not the abundant life with Cadillacs and a Rolex. But just a full, very busy life. I find I have less time to judge or nitpick. Homeschooling, real estate, being an excellent wife, Sunday School lessons, four kids, and blogging. Who has time to even notice, who is doing what? If I can show up to church on time, with my Bible, my kids in somewhat matching, clean clothes and smiling faces, I'm on a roll. Most of the time. Once in a while, I squeeze in time for criticizing in my mind or even out loud.

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I was listening to a sermon recently and the preacher spoke about Facebook. He didn't bash it or say how much of a time vacuum it is. He simply asked "Since when has gossip been an activity that Christians should be involved in?" I could have self-righteously told my fake perfect self that his words didn't apply to me because I don't hang out on Facebook. But of course, I couldn't do that because I am guilty of over sharing or eager listening.

Aren't those pretty terms for gossip and slander? Then to make my sharing more Christian spiritual, we decide to pray for them or excuse their behavior because that are not strong Christians. Like me, the gossip and busybody. This a log that blocks my view too often. It's hard to see all of the great things that God is doing with a beam stuck in my eye.

I love the God's Word translation of Matthew 7:5 "You hypocrite! First remove the beam from your own eye. Then you will see clearly to remove the piece of sawdust from another believer's eye."

Back to my abundant life. Thank you God. I will not complain that I am so pressed for time lately. I will praise Him because it leaves less time for me to get myself in trouble.

Do you find yourself drawn into gossip or just listening?  Besides changing the subject to last night's Red Sox game, how do you deal with it? I make mental notes to steer away from subjects or people, but my mental notes get lost in the piles of brain matter. I'd love to hear your strategies. Did I tell you lately, I love comments? I do. Except for gossip and spammers.

Have a great Easter weekend!
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Unknown said...

Hi! I really try not to judge and it bothers me when others do, but I am completely guilty of thinking I could be doing a better job, which I actually realize now is judging, just in a different way. A better job disciplining children, a better job managing my budget, a better job not judging, which is hilarious because I often fail at all those things in my life! There is also such a fine line between judging and making note that something is not appropriate or not what we should be doing. Have a great Easter!!