Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: What's Your Thrift Personality?

Thrifty Thursday is dedicated to my sweet buddy Lyn. Hey Sister, this one is for you!

There are many ways we can make our clothing budget stretch. I've included a small personality quiz to determine how serious you take your thrift. Let's say you are a mom with 4 boys and they need clothes. New ones regularly. They grow inches overnight. What's a thrifty mom to do?

Extreme Thrift- This is the thrifty momma that puts her boys in hand-me-downs. Beat up stained clothes for the days they don't leave the house. They have been seen wearing pink pajamas. Not cool. Isn't there a scripture in the Old Testament about that being an abomination? 'Nuff said.

Smart Thrift- This is the momma who knows that Gap marks down their sale rack every Tuesday. She schedules her shopping trips. She also knows that Gap clothes will last through a few boys. It's worth the extra money.

Active Thrift- This mom gets her children cute Gap clothes at thrift shops. She knows if she can wait a season or two, she can find that a great sweater eventually. Her sons have been seen on the internet in older Gap sweaters.

Passive Thrift- She waits for her friends to pass on the bag of clothes each season change.  She hangs out with Active or Smart Thrifty moms. She doesn't get tempted by the deals and she isn't interested in fashion for her kids.

Aggressive Thrift- She haggles with the salesperson at the Gap pointing out the flaw in the garment that she will have to stitch up and yes, that is worth 5 bucks off at least. She has also been known to hide garments in the wrong place to buy her time to decide if she wants it.

No-Time-For-Thrift- This gal stumbles upon a blog when she should be folding laundry. She finds a great coupon code and gets out to the mall for her boy's Easter outfits. Blog reading is paying off, don't worry about that pile of laundry.

Here's the today's thrifty deal for the really busy mommas.

Save $25 off $50 at the Gap for a limited time only. This is easy to get. Just click here. Enter your cell phone number and gap will text you the coupon code. There are some rules that apply. Just don't leave your cell phone at home, you need to show the sales associate the code.

Thrifty mommas don't let other mommas pay full price. We share the love.

What is your Thrift personality? Terri G. is a little of all of them. Except the Extreme Thrift. The Gman would have none of that!

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Lorie said...

Very cool post!

I am definitely Active Thrift.

Sennie said...

Hey, thanks for the code from the No-Time-For-Thrift (and a bit of Smart-Thrift) reader :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a big thrifter, hand me downs, actively thrift shopping mama. Part of it is out of not wanting to pay $30 for a sleeper (My son is 20 months) and the other is that we live on an island with a good thrift store and only childrens clothing boutiques. Ain't going to buy every thing there! I buy ahead, and am not afraid to ask people I know who have a son older than mine if they have any clothes they are willing to pass on. (If it's their last child) It has saved us mucho dollars. I too buy many of mine and fiance's clothes at thrift stores and often 'swap' clothes with friends for myself.