Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just what do you wear to a home school convention?

The season has started for homeschooling conventions. There are pressing questions that the new homeschool moms are seeking answers for.  We experienced moms need to share. What curriculum? What learning style? More importantly, what should I wear to a homeschool convention? I blogged about it last year in an effort to dispel the myth of frumpy homeschoolers.

Each spring I look forward to the MassHope convention. This convention has something for everyone in their homeschool journey. Here are my top ten things I recommended packing for a homeschool conference.
  1. Shoes, pretty, but comfortable. Preferably slip ons. You will be wandering around shopping as well as standing around talking for hours. You may want to sneakily slip them off your feet by the last seminar. Wear your sturdy ones, but don't don't forget stylish. Save the frump for home.
  2. A bathing suit. If your hotel has a pool, you will want to option of swimming or at least the hot tub. Don't worry about your pasty white skin and winter bulge, you will be in like company.
  3. A pretty t-shirt. If the issues from #2 are too much, cover up with a nice dark colored t-shirt.
  4. Reading glasses or at least magnifiers from the drug store. Some of the catalogs, hand outs and literature may be printed smaller than you'd like. Be ready.
  5. A backpack. I, the professed bag lady, use my trusty orange Samsonite backpack. It has padded shoulder straps, and feels great, even when it's filled with the books that I swore I wasn't going to buy.
  6. Tops. Let's talk about layers. You are going to sweat in those rooms that are packed because the speaker is unbelievable. Then the next seminar, how to "homeschool your dog", will be empty and  freezing and you will be looking for a down jacket. I recommend a short-sleeved blouse layered with a cotton sweater.
  7. Pants, capris, skirts? This is a matter of personal preference. I like to wear my favorite jeans paired with a dressy top. There is a little of everything at the conferences. You will feel great dressed up or down. The speakers usually dress for success. If you want to be mistaken for an expert, dress like a business women. If you want your husband to be asked for directions every few minutes, tell him to wear a blazer and a tie.
  8. Wear a watch. Each session is timed and the vendor halls have set hours. You do not want to miss your favorite speaker or lunch for that matter.
  9. Head covering? It's not my thing but you may see some. Tell your kids not to stare or point, it's rude.
  10. Babies? Yes, do bring your baby if you are still nursing. It's not my thing right now, but people wear them in slings, front carriers and backpacks. Strollers are handy, but the crowds are big, you may want a small umbrella stroller. Your large stroller can double as a shopping cart for books. Please do not squish the baby. Babies are very welcome as long they don't disrupt the speakers. Just sit in the back near the door, just in case.

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I will be talking more about homeschool conventions in the next few weeks. If there is anything I have missed, please share in the comments.  Did I mention, I love comments? I do.

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Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I weep over all those conferences I attended as a frump.
Wish I'd known you then.
And we homeschooled our ferrets and our fish.
No one had a session on that--
You are so funny!
I am glad you stopped by my place :)
Hugs and blessings, I am off to eat my bonbons.
I can always wear a dark t-shirt over my "bump".

Unknown said...

This year will be my second homeschool convention. I was ill prepared for the first. I was so overwhelmed and tired I just sat and stared into space. Winter bulge? YES! Pasty, White Skin? Not so much. :) Pay me a visit at

Dawn said...

This just reminded me that I have to write up the one for this week! Blessings!

i cant decide said...

I love this! I've never been to a convention but your dressing tips were great.

MamaHen said...

Hi! I came over from A Legacy...

I will second the shoe tip. Comfort and cuteness are key!

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

We have never been to convention - this year it is closer so I might make it a go. Love your advice!

Mary said...

This was a great list - and I love your humor!