Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day "The Birds and the Bees" homeschooling style

While my children are working independently, I often peek in on them. I do this because they can become distracted, easily. Sometimes just hearing my footsteps can awaken them from their daydreams and refocus their minds. I have to admit, I was exactly the same way. During my school days in public school, I found things to gaze at. Posters, windows, or the lint on the back of my classmates sweater fought for my attention. I focused on anything but the task at hand.

When Paperboy was nine, he was at his pinnacle of distractablity. One morning, as I walked by Paperboy, he was seriously gazing. I was about to begin my 'get focused' speech. He shushed me.
"Sshhhh, they're mating!"
O.k. now I have heard many odd things as a homeschooling mom, but I have to admit, this was a first for me. He pointed to our the front window. Right outside in the bushes, there they were. I did what every normal homeschool Mama would do, I grabbed a camera. We tip-toed into the bushes, I was only able to get two shots of this amorous pair of snakes, before they slithered away. The funny thing is, Paperboy insisted it was three snakes. I tried to explain:
"It only looks like three because of how long the snakes are."

I thought of how silly this sounded. I was arguing snake monogamy with my nine year-old boy as we observed their little tryst. Oh my. This is where I should have called upon my husband, the amateur herpetologist.

Ever since that day, whenever I pass the bushes in my front yard, I can't resist checking for snakes.

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Unknown said...

How Fun! What a good mom you were to get pictures..

My dad raised snakes (& turtles & lizards)

thanks for stopping by our Pickle autopsy blog and sharing our fun

Mary Prather said...

Cool...and my nine year old is SOO distractible right now! I am following you from the HHH!