Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thrifty Deal Alert

Once in a while I grab a thrifty quick deal from Money Saving Mom or another thrifty site. Lately I have noticed most of the deals require spending money on things I wasn't planning on buying. For example, I am glad that over-priced necklace has been discounted to $125. Paying $125 instead of getting it for $250 does nothing for me. I'd rather pass it up and save 100% by checking my jewelry box for a long lost favorite.

Now when it comes to CVS or Rite Aide, 50% means something. Lately they have had some deals. Combined with my other blessings, they are paying us to grace their store with our presence. I can't say my, I must say our or us. I should say his.

Here are the many blessings lately to sweeten the deals. Paperboy is working at a restaurant that saves the extra inserts from the Sunday paper for us. Woot, Woot! So many coupons, so little time. This should hold us over until Random resumes the paperboy legacy his brother left him.

But the real wonder is the Gman. You know my real husband who doesn't like me to talk about him in my blog? And then when he reads it, he wonders why I don't talk about him on my blog. Yeah him. He likes to get out of the house, perhaps it's something about the screaming boys and their friends inside our home a lot lately. He even makes the little lists for me and picks up the deals for me. I like to save, but after years of shopping, I've had enough! It's not that much fun anymore.

Now I didn't tell you this so you can nag your husband and say "Terri G's husband shops for her." Please don't hold your man to this high standard, remember, he is escaping a house full of boys. So take a second right now and thank God for your wonderful man. Thank you dear God for this manly man who isn't afraid to buy things from the feminine aisle for his cold weather-induced agoraphobic wife. Amen.

This week to help the Gman in his quest for savings, I am picking up $10 gift cards for $5 at Sweet Deals. I signed up to buy a card for a store where I shop at anyways, not an overpriced flower shop or anything. This is today's sweet deal, who knows what tomorrow's deal holds.
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Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Thanks for visiting and the vote...and I know what you mean about spending money on things you really don't need, just because it is a good deal. I'm pretty good about not falling into that trap, but know I have now and then.

Jennifer said...

What you said about your husband is sweet. I like it when mine stops after work and picks up groceries and saves me a trip, too.