Friday, February 25, 2011

Ten things I have learned about my iPhone

My sweet hubby insisted that I order the iPhone for my birthday. Since it was my birthday, Christmas and anniversary gift combined, I caved in. Just today, I figured out his ulterior motive. He wants me to master this iPhone so I can train him. This isn't the first gadget in our lives that I needed to master. He doesn't realize, I know just enough about most gadgets to be dangerous. But since I've owned my new phone for more than two weeks, I must be an expert in all things iPhone related. I thought I'd share my expertise here.

Ten Things I Have Learned About My iPhone

  1. The first thing you must do if you have teenagers in the house, label your cord, headphones and charger gadgets with a sharpie on the rubbery parts of the cords. I say a sharpie because on the shiny parts, sharpie ink can get rubbed off. Not that anyone in my home would purposely de-label my things. But in case it innocently happened and you found yourself like me, wasting hours of my life looking for my lost cord. Paperboy had come down with amnesia. He thought my brand new cord looked like his old beat up electrical taped one. Next time, I will check his room first.
  2. Be ready to embarrass yourself and crank call your friends 3 times a day. As I was trying to figure out how to save a few new contacts, I accidentally called them. When this happens and it is a business client, don't hang up on them. Be prepared with a cheery explanation. I had to confess my ignorance, thankfully, she could relate to it.
  3. Hide your headphones from your kids. They will try to steal them and stick them in their ears. EEEWWW, now that is just gross. I'll share my candy bar with them, but not my ear wax.
  4. Do not try to talk on the phone while in the bathroom, the risk of dropping it is great. It is very slim and it will make a big splash. For me it would be like tossing my phone and my camera in the toilet.
  5. Checking my email, just because I can, while driving sets a bad example for my kiddos. This is a no-no. 
  6. Owning an iPhone only magnifies the desire to own an iPad. Resist the urge. I am taking Jon Acuff's advice from his new book: Anything beginning with a lowercase i is not considered an emergency. I cannot raid the emergency fund to purchase one.
  7. I never thought my fingertips were chubby until the past few weeks. I now understand the humor of auto correct spelling jokes.
  8. Angry birds has the most annoying background sounds. I see no reason for it's popularity. The noise is like fingernails on a chalk board, especially when one has a head cold.
  9. Six-year olds who are being too quiet need to be checked on. The could be buying apps or playing Angry Birds on your phone. Better yet, hide your phone. End the temptation.
  10. To remove an unwanted app like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, hold your finger over it until it starts quaking. Then click on the X. Easy beans. That's all I really know about my iPhone.
Look forward to my next post on ten iPhone apps that I cannot possibly live without. I guess I wasn't really living three weeks ago, I was barely surviving.

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Sennie said...

Great post, Terry, I loved it :) I've been running our household with the help of my iPhone for awhile now, but just yesterday got the new iPhone 4 and I'm in techie heaven!! The camera is awesome, and syncing my iPhone and Mac calendars are life-saving. Enjoy your iPhone :)

i cant decide said...

Yep, I learned number one real quick. I tried to distinguish my cord with purple duct tape and then quickly realized the purple sharpie would work better.

I haven't had a problem with my older children taking my ear buds but the baby did feed one set to the dog!

I love to read in bed with my itouch and somehow it helps me fall asleep.

Have fun!

Unknown said...

I cannot give you enough dittos for each point of this post! Paul got me an iPhone this past year and I have come to accept it, tolerate it, and even like it.

I am getting used to ShopperLite (grocery list app) which will replace my brick-like PDA. I also have a flashlight app which I use to walk the dogs at night. That's a cool, simple one. But my favorite is Logos Bible Software. I have never read my Bible so much thanks to that app. And I read it(in a big font, so as to not need my reading glasses) while I walk my dogs. Miraculously, I have not wiped out while doing this... yet. (My dogs are very old and slow, kind of like me learning new electronic gadget tricks. :-)

You also know it's bad when your kids are grossed out by their own ear wax on their own headphones! Thanks again for the tips! HEP

TerriG said...

Heidi: Now, I have to check out the shopperLite. I do have the flashlight and I love it. I also have the lighter app in case I find myself at a rock concert, haha. We'll have to compare notes on March.

everyday products and more said...

Hello newest follower from the hop

Joyful Learner said...

I've done #2 and #5 is a good reminder! I would also include adding a password protection so your child does not share your iphone with your friends.