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Dig It! Games Roman Town, a Review

From time to time I will be posting reviews of products as part of the TOS homeschool crew. I do not receive any compensation for these reviews, just a chance to try the products with my lovely children. In exchange for these products, I share my honest opinions and experiences.


What is Dig-It! Roman Town?

Dig It! is an interactive video games that entertains as well as teaches children about archeology, specifically Ancient Rome. In Roman Town, your child has a chance to work as an archeologist without getting mud all over the house. I can appreciate that.  This learning game doesn't behave like educational software, which my kids can detect a mile away, except for the amount of reading required. It offers a chance to excavate, sort, analyze, reconstruct, report on while learning many terms of an archeologist. A few features describing Dig It! from their website:

  • Immersive, interactive learning environment
  • Gameplay focuses on development of analytical thinking and team building
  • Puzzles encourage problem solving
  • Authentic artifacts and realistic backgrounds
  • Accurate information about Roman Life and Roman history
  • Encompasses the full excavation experience from start to finish
  • Introduces Archaeology in a fun, manageable package

What did we think about it?

Although this game is targeted for 3rd to 8th graders, my six year old enjoyed it the most. The excavations, sorting, analyzing, and reconstructing sections of the games were his favorites. When he reached the end of a dig and needed to write up his report, we worked on this together, since he is a new reader. This wasn't a groan inducing report, just a simple fill in the blank. Because my guy was familiar with the terms, he was able to do this with a little help from mom. I was very excited listening to him pronounce the words. Currently this is his favorite game. The 'one more level mom' quotient is high in this one. He loves it and has not tired of it. When he worked through the whole game, he deleted a user and started a new game with my name, mom.

Random, who is 13 and has been smothered in the Ancients since he was five, even enjoyed it. I want to make a public apology right now for the overkill of the ancients with this child. He is very forgiving. He played through the game and decided it was for Little Guy. Random was my 'techie' for Little Guy as he was learning the game. Thank you Random.

Little Guy's favorite part of the game was digging up the artifacts.
He chose the best tools and as soon as something was found, he had to quickly dig it up. 

Is Roman Town right for your family?

Are you currently studying the Ancients? Do you often wish the games your kids played had some educational value? Are you always looking for supplements for your history lessons? Do you need to brush up on archaeology? Do you think $19.96 is a great price for a game? Do you have kids between 6 and 13?

If you answered yes to more than two of these questions, it may be just the game for your family. 

Sale Alert!

I received a download version, but you can buy the cd game for $19.96 until February 21, 2011 if you use the coupon code TOS2011 at the Dig It! web site.

I can't resist saying it. I really dig it! I also dig their web site, I must warn you. Their hangman game is a little addictive! Don't take my biased opinion, read some others here at the crew. Or watch the video of the game below.

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