Friday, January 7, 2011

See-N-Read: A Product Review

Throughout the school year, I will be reviewing products as a member of the Old Schoolhouse Review crew. I received these items free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.  I am thankful for the chance to try new things and I hope you enjoy hearing about our experiences.
See n Read

What is it? 

See-N-Read is a plastic tool that you place over the page you are reading.  There is a window that is either clear plastic as in the See-N-Read or the Memory Mark which looks the same but has an opening in order to highlight or mark the text. These inexpensive tools are available for sale in a variety of sizes, amounts and types. The eSee-N-Read is a download that you can use when reading on your computer.

See n Read

Who is it for?

This tool can be used for anyone who is having reading difficulties, tracking issues or just someone who doesn't like the glare of bright white pages, like me. The computer version would be a fantastic help to someone who spends hours in from of screen reading documents. There is even a larger page one for children's books or large print books. I would say the age range from about 8-80.

How did we use it in our homeschool?

     Paperboy was the first to try this. He used it more for keeping track of where he was reading. He noticed that he is now reading fast enough that it was an effort moving the overlay fast enough to keep up with his speed. Now I consider that a victory considering the difficulty he had in the past.  This is something a few years ago would have been well worth the money. In the past he had used something similar, but it was very thin and did not have the benefit of the glare reduction.
     Random tried it, but the extra effort wasn't worth it to him. He reads very quickly and holding anything was too much like work.
     At six, Little Guy was well, too little for it. It was more of a toy for him. He tried to make alien sunglasses. I was afraid he was going to bend it before we got to try each one, so I stashed them away in my secret drawer.
     I used them for reading my Bible and I actually felt a little aahh moment for my eyes. I have always been sensitive to bright whites and glares. It felt relaxing to read with it. After two weeks of computer issues, I finally was able to try eSee-N-Read. I knew right away I would try it on one of my favorite blogs that uses a small font and tends to be wordy. I was amazed at the relief my eyes felt as the large white areas became a softer grey. Moving the opening across the screen was effortless. I used this when reviewing an instruction manual online. This is a nifty tool if you have to read a lot of online articles.

I am thankful that my kids are reading so strongly, I felt that See-N-Read is a tool we don't need, but it is a nice gadget to have around. It is an inexpensive option for reading issues that has been backed by research. Trying one for $2.99 is a great idea. I am having painful flashbacks to all of the money we spent on Random, trying to resolve his reading issues. This may be one of the keys to reading success for your child, kind of like your Omega oils.

How can you purchase one? 

Visit their website and choose between many packages from $2.99 for the small book size to $29.99 for the eSee-N-Read for PC. Don't just take my word for it, see what other crew members have to say here or visit See-N-Read. They have a generous offer on their site to try my favorite the eSee-N-Read for 7 days for free.

Again, this product was provided to me free of charge from See-N-Read. I received no other compensation for this post, just the chance to try something new and share my honest opinions.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

This is a great tracking tool. I love that it doesn't block the other text so you can look back and what has come before.

Unknown said...

these are great! I will check into getting them for my 14 yr old who still struggles with Dyslexia and is always lost on the page. (I am always lost on the page, too, I may have to buy 2 of them)

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