Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thrifty Thursday....where impulse shopping paid off

Last Friday, I confused my friends and posted a thrifty Thursday post. You may remember the one where I gave my credit card information to an unknown company in promise of a screaming deal. I was making fun of my self for being so foolish. 

Well, impulse shopping has been rewarded. My beautiful $3.89 Goodbyn bento box arrived. It is a lovely divided lunch box, that should save me gazillions of dollars in plastic wrap and baggies. I think it's a great box, but in my haste to get the deal, I didn't check out the dimensions. This box is huge. It makes me think of a Hungry Man T.V. Dinner. It will hold enough food for Y3K and beyond. 

I plan on filling it with some cute Christmas treats and toys to give to Little Guy. It even comes with stickers so he can personalize his box. It has a handle and one single lid. This is ingenious. I have a whole cabinet of plastic containers, that are lidless. I practiced opening the lid. I am just hoping Little Guy can open it without dumping the contents of his lunch everywhere. He does not understand the 5 second rule and I don't think he will ever unless it applies to candy. 

If you hear of a too-good-to-be-true offer from a company called the Gilt Groupe. You can fall for it, without guilt. I am glad I did.

Speaking of falling for offers. There are some websites devoted to keeping you up to date on great deals. Impulse shopping can become an Olympic sport for you.

  • Over at Moneysaving Mom, you can see a deal where you get money back purchasing tissue paper. If you sign up for her updates, you will never miss a deal from any of the leading drug stores.
  • A Thrifty Mom will share all of the latest deals. Beware, I found myself thinking I needed things because their price had dropped. Just because the fleece tops are only $5, I still look fat in them.
  • I know that stealing is wrong, but at the Daily Steals it is encouraged. They actually have a clock on the site to remind you to get on the ball and snatch that offer.
  • The Daily Steal has a sister site Daily Deals Blog. There are deals and some insight in not parting with your bucks there.
  • The Frugal Homeschooling Mom has many great money saving sites linked on her blog.
I cannot be held responsible for any shopping mayhem that may occur as you visit these links.

I am off to a Pampered Chef party to test my willpower. Self, repeat after me. "I will not buy anything."

"I will not buy anything."

Tune in next week.

Happy Thursday! And don't forget, thrifty people win things from blog contests. Try being thrifty here.

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Had to chime in with my Thrifty Thursday post today! :o)

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Hi ya! :) You won a book on my blog! :) If you'd send me an email to with your address, I'll get it right out to you.