Friday, December 3, 2010

Thrifty Thursday...confessions of an impulse buyer.

Sometimes when I am shopping, I think I am getting a screaming deal. In reality, I'm getting ripped off. This often happens when I fall for a too good to be true deal. Like a few weeks ago, when I was visiting one of my favorite Bento Blogs. The blogger, who makes food look so beautiful, was sharing a great deal on expensive Bento boxes. Now, I have been coveting these Bento boxes for a while. Of course I would never pay $25.00 for a divided lunch box.

I may part with $25 if it included lunch
and I was stuck at a theme park.
I paid a dollar for one. Twice. I got what I paid for. A warped, chemical smelling plastic case. My Bento box from Christmas Tree Shop was a flop.
Food not included!
In a moment of blog reading weakness, I fell for it. 

This fellow blogger had to share a bargain with me and her 500 other followers. I followed....Baaahh!  baaahhh! Come on sheeple, let's go to the new online shopping site. Save $20.00 off your first order. My cute to die for Bento box is on sale there for $15.00. So I am pumped, no matter that shipping is $8.00. I pay ever so quickly with my debit card. For $3.89, it will arrive at my door, soon. I think.


Oh, I see, that's the catch. After my order is processed, I am informed it will be shipped in 6-8 weeks. What? Don't they realize Little Guy will be a teenager by then? He will be eating so much he will need two Bento lunch boxes. He will be too cool for a Bento box. Any hope of a fun Christmas gift, stuffed with goodies is lost.

But remember it was such a deal.

Buyer's remorse has set in. I don't even know if it was a real company that I ordered from. The Gilt Groupe. Do they really mean the guilt group. The one where I am guilty for wasting money? Or the one that P.T. Barnum said there was one born every minute. And now they have my credit card information. Boy I won't even brag to Gman about this deal. He'll have to read about it here.

And I was going to blog about it on Thrifty Thursday. Silly me.

I guess I will have to blog about recycling toilet paper liners and creating gifts for your mother-in-law.

It's Thursday morning, the only thrifty advice I have: Don't leave the house or shop online. You will save thousands of dollars. 

I just checked my email.

My order from the Gilt Groupe has just shipped.

Perhaps I have something to blog about.

Next Thursday.

If you are interested in the amazing deal, I think I snagged, check out this offer from the Gilt Group. 

Gilt Groupe provides invitation-only access, to men's and women's coveted fashion and luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail. Each sale lasts only online for 36 hours and many items sell out quickly, so check it out before it's too late! You can join here.

Key words for fools like me: coveted, 70% off, too late.....
Oh Lord! Help me to be thrifty!

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Carrie Anne Schmeck said...

That was pretty funny. I am a big FAIL when it comes to bargain hunting, too. I get excited and the complicated math functions leave me. I spend days wondering, "Did I really get a good deal?" Most often it's a "No."

That box you received--I got one of those "free" in a set of plastic storage boxes once. :-)

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

I ordered that same bento box from them. We'll see if I ever get it.

Jessica said...

Even the best bargain hunters get stumped sometimes!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Update: I got mine in the other day! :o)