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The Write Foundation: A review

The Write Foundation is a multi-level writing program created by a home school parent. Here is the product claim strait from their homepage: I answered the questions in italics.

Have a struggling writer? 
Does your student just need to learn how to write? 
Long for teacher-friendly lesson plans you can quickly prepare and teach?
Desire a writing curriculum your children will enjoy while learning creatively? 

My experience:

I chose the program for Random (13) Level 2 Paragraph Writing from the 3 levels offered. I spent a few hours studying the teacher materials and the student forms to become familiar with them. I set up the student notebook myself as I read the materials. It is similar to a popular writing program we have used in the past, so it was easy for me to teach it. The guide is "grab and go" just as it claims, but only after the first few weeks. It seems to be written for a co-op setting, but I used it one-on-one. 

Our first lesson went smoothly in my opinion. Random was a quick learner, understanding what was expected. The Mind Benders warm up was too easy for him. Random was given clear instructions for highlighting his outline and the formation of the paragraph. Did his first paper turned in come out as I hoped? No, but I was able to specifically point out the weaknesses based on the "lists". He returned to it and improved his paragraph. He was resistant during the first poetry lesson, but we persevered. I enjoyed the brainstorming. He created a poem, that he was proud of.

The assignments are clearly laid out. The student learns incrementally and each week builds upon the foundation. The lessons vary enough to keep the student interested. The student writing notebook that is produced is a valuable tool they can keep as a reference for future writing.

I appreciate the way the writing assignments can be easily graded. The lists of do's and don't list will quickly eliminate many writing errors. Random realized, I wasn't picking on his writing, he just didn't meet the clear expectations.

A few things to note:

This program can be taught in a one or two year time span. It can be used with multiple children. The teacher resources come on Cd, you can print what you need. You may purchase the complete level for $100 or chose the 1/2 level for $65.  Additional student worksheets are available for $25. Grading of assignments is also offered on their website.

What I liked about it:
  • Bible verses, fables and non-fiction stories are used in the lessons. 
  • A variety of poetry lessons were interspersed. These creative lessons out-shined the paragraph writing. This made for some less challenging lessons, which were welcomed by Random.
  • The instructions are very specific, but are teacher intensive. If these are followed, you will reach your writing goals
  • There are a variety of grammar lessons throughout the program designed to enhance their writing. This answered the often asked question by my grammar-phobic student. "When am I ever going to use this?" They apply the grammar immediately in their writing.
  • The web site explains choosing which level, offers samples and even support in deciding for your student. The levels are not grade-based, this lends to teaching more than one child easily. There is ample support at the web site.
  • The price of $100 for one or two years of writing lessons, which can be used for additional members of your family, is quite reasonable. The Mind Benders is an additional cost, but not required.

What I didn't like about it:
  • Starting the lessons can be challenging, but after a few lessons, I felt more at ease. Setting up the notebook and sorting through the teacher helps was tedious. I would just love a student notebook and teacher guide pre-made. It is worth the extra cost to me.
  • This program is teacher intensive, it took us almost an hour a day. We weren't able to get to it each day. Because writing is important, it is worth the time, but it wasn't easy carving it out. I should say, I wish I had more hours in the day.
  • It is a newer program so finding "peer support" is not easy. I just learned of a yahoo group and will be stopping by for more tips.
I plan on using this with Paperboy, my more reluctant writer after the new year. His schedule is too full right now to give it the amount of time needed to implement it. Their claims were met, I can recommend this program, it may even improve my writing skills as I teach it.

If you want to read what others on the crew are saying about The Write Foundations and the different levels click here.

I received this product for free as part of the Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew. I was not paid to say nice things and I will not receive compensation if you purchase this product. 

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