Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Don't miss out on a chance to vote

Did I mention how thrilled I was to be nominated for a blog award? Did I mention that voting closes on the 19th? Do I want you to see some great blogs? Yes, Yes, and Yes! I have finally finished voting for the blog awards and it wasn't easy. There are so many creative, funny, beautiful, thoughtful blogs out there. If you take some time, you will have a chance to visit some great blogs, you can be like me. Blog reader = housework avoider.

Speaking of Homeschool Blog Awards. I wasn't disappointed at not getting nominated for the best photography blog. In fact, it reminds me, I need to beg forgiveness. I am sorry for the photos you have to endure as part of my blog. There are others in my family that actually take focused beautiful photos, but they don't blog. Please forgive me for my poor, blurry, uncentered, dim-lighted photos.

Since this is Thrifty Thursday, I am using my blog for a thrifty purpose. You see my generous husband happens to read this blog. He is always scrambling in December and February for hints. 
Between our 19th anniversary, Christmas, my 29th birthday and Valentines Day, 
he struggles answering the ever-looming question. 
"What can I get her for........?"
Consider this a hint, a public hint.
"She would love a nice camera!" 
She wouldn't be offended if it was a combination Anniversary, 
Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day
Consider yourself hinted.

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Kelly Polizzi said...

lol sometimes you just gotta spell it out. cant take any chances with men!

Vickie said...

LOL I send emails with links or I put a bookmark in a magazine with the item highlighted. He can be sure to get the exact right item and color :)