Monday, November 29, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: The Condensed Version, part 2

The month of November is a great month to reflect on our blessings. My fellow crew mates from the TOS a are following this meme hosted by Brenda at the Garden of Learning. Each day a blogger posts about anything and everything they are thankful for. Since I am a blogger with serious a.d.d., I cannot possibly be expected to stay on the same topic for a single post, never mind for a whole month. 

If you want to join in, link up at the site below.

I also hate to miss out on all of the fun. I remedied this by squeezing all of my thankful thoughts into 2 long-winded posts. Where was I? Oh, last post, I ended on #15. I have 15 more to go.

Terri G.'s next 15 things she's ever so thankful for.
  1. Leftovers. In fact, it's been a nice few days off from cooking. For Sunday dinner, I pulled out a frozen lasagna(I created 3 last time and froze 2.), the cooking respite continued. Tomorrow, I return to the kitchen.
  2. My family. I mean my immediate family; husband and 4 sons. This was our first Thanksgiving spending it home without the rest of the crew. It was such a nice day. Cooking pies, dinner and hanging out for me. Monopoly for the first time for little guy. Guesstures, bananagrams and always a Scrabble match topped the day. No pressures to feed a multitude, just family time. The cousins and Auntie came after dinner for dessert and fun. This made Random's night.
  3. Gravy. I love gravy. I can't get enough of gravy. I needed gravy. I brined a turkey for the first time. I wish I could say it was scrumptious. It was o.k. What made it wonderful was the gravy. It was unanimous, for Christmas dinner, beef will be served. With gravy.
  4. I feel grateful that I am a reviewer for the Old Schoolhouse Crew. I have had an opportunity to try some great resources for my boys. Many things have met the needs we had at a specific times. My sons have been doing Bible on their own this year. I was just thinking how I missed doing it together and discussing things. The next day there was a package from Positive Action for Christ. Random and I am looking forward to this review. 
  5. Debbie K. was a waitress at the restaurant where my son used to sell papers. She has a soft heart, each morning she would bring him a hot chocolate and kept an eye on him. It eased my mother-worry during his first season. Paperboy was only 12 at the time. Debbie K. bought the restaurant and now has hired Paperboy to work inside. She trained him in the kitchen and on the floor to work. I am so thankful that he has a chance to work in this 'down economy'. I appreciate the job she has given my son.
  6. The Bible. I am thankful that the word of God can be integrated into so many subjects of our homeschooling. This week, it is overlapping in English, geography, handwriting, character and history.
  7. The Military GI Bill. This is a wonderful program that has enabled my son to obtain a college education with his parent's help. Not that we had any money to help him anyways. He served for 5 years in the Marine Corps and now is in college on their dime. He is blessed.
  8. On line tutorials. I find myself at any given time looking online for advice on so many things. This week I found recipes, cleared a virus from my husband's computer, sped up my old laptop, and tried to work on my homeschool tracker program. Oh the wealth of information is has for lifelong learners.
  9. I just love the Salvation Army Thrift shops. I find so many little treasures there. If you can get past the odd odors, you can pick up some neat things. My latest find, a dinosaur. Not really, but it should be extinct soon. It's a book on tape called Stowaway by Karen Hesse. This book absolutely must be listened to. The reader's voice adds so much to the great plot line. I won't tell you what it is about but you can find out more here.
  10. Black Friday sales. I did another different thing this year. I slept late. Late for me is about 7 a.m. I still had enough time to drink some coffee, read the ads, make my list and jump into the madness. By showing up at 8:30, I missed the 5 a.m. psychos. Everyone was so polite and helpful. I found most of the treasures I was looking for and stayed below my self-imposed budget. My highlight of the day was my first time to our local Micheal's Craft store. I took my sweet time browsing. There were treats for our stockings, our gingerbread kit and great easy gifts for my Sunday school kids to make. Of course the 30% off my total purchase sweetened the deals.
  11. My friend the Czech Chick. She is always blessing my family in some way. My boys are clothed in finery thanks to her husband's cast offs. Not only are my sons dressing stylish, but so are 4 other boys in our church. God does supply all of our needs. Now if only my guys would slow down in the growing department, it's been a part time job keeping up with their sizes. C.C. makes it easier.
  12. I am grateful for my central vacuum system. I know I don't use it as often as I should, but it is a blessing. I am even more thankful when I see others using it.
  13. Gravy, I still thank you.
  14. I am so thankful to live in this country. I am trying not to mumble about what bothers me. We are blessed and have so many more freedoms here. There's a reason millions seek to come here. We still are a great nation.
  15. My crock pot. This is my all time favorite kitchen friend. Presently, pork ribs bathed in Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce are occupying it. It has two purposes: an air freshener and our dinner. 
Have you linked up to this meme? If you haven't feel free to leave a comment below. You don't have to list 15 things, one is enough. I love to share, I'll share my blog with you anytime. 'Cause I am so thankful for everyone that reads my blog.

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Catherine said...

What a great list of things to be thankful for. LOL about the gravy!

Wendi said...

I never thought about my crockpot also serving as an air freshener...but it is SO true :) Great list of things you're thankful for!