Saturday, November 20, 2010

A first for me

While getting ready to tuck my little guy in, he tells me something. 
I wasn't expecting this at all. 
"I sent you an email." 
How does a six-year old send an email? 
Now, I have to know. 
"Go check it." 
He is really smiling now.
I was thinking this was a really creative tactic for stalling at bedtime. 
Of course, I ran down stairs to see what he sent me.
O what a sweetie pie!
I'll never delete it. 
Instead of putting it up on my refrigerator like the other boys' notes to me. 
Stainless steel only holds fingerprints.
I can post it here, thanks to the coolest tool called snippet.
Oh yeah, he sent it from the Wii in case you are wondering.
He will not have an email address for a long time.
Unless he keeps up these sweet notes.

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Dawn said...

How totally awesome is that???

Stacy said...

Congratulations Teri G. for winning the HSBA! Way to go fellow Crew Member!

Vickie said...

Love these kinds of things. I find the occasional note tucked under the edge of my laptop where I'd be sure to see it.
Congratulations! on your HSBA award. Woohoo!!!

Cara said...

Oh, I love it, how sweet. :)