Monday, November 8, 2010

Another family photo attempt and a family beginning

I could write a few blogs about our failures to capture family photos.  Just think in your Rosanna Roseannadanna voice about us. "If it is not one thing, it is another." Bad haircuts, grumpy children, large pimples, and long distances have hindered my efforts to capture the perfect pose. When Statueman served in the Marine Corps for 5 years, it wasn't always convenient for him to be in our photos. Those years, we left him out. Now since he lives in the same area as us, it seems wrong to exclude him.

Statueman and I were discussing this the other day. I realized for the wedding, we would all be in the same location and clean. Mothers of boys understand this rare occurrence. Statueman was wondering how many years it will be, before he is exempt from the family photo obligation. 
That's a good question. I first replied; "When you have your own family." Then I realized, if he is still unmarried at 40, that would be really strange. After a great belly laugh picturing a 40 year-old man with his little brothers, I changed my mind. I decided, he needn't be in the Christmas card. Just once in a while, we will try to get a picture of all of us together. After this bizarre attempt by my most excellent sister-in-law, my intentions were confirmed. Statueman looks like the only normal one in the picture. The rest of us have odd looks on our faces. He must be tired of  posing with amateurs. This one will not be making it to the Christmas card.  
Merry Christmas Blog readers!!!

Random is doing his best Justin Bieber pose. I am showing off my long neck. Little Guy is practicing for his job as a bouncer. Paperboy is frozen. My beloved, Gman looks like a realtor. Of course the guy who doesn't really want in, looks great. 

We were on our way to the long awaited wedding of my lovely niece.

This is Tamara and her new husband Steven, whose wedding was incredibly fun. 
I am sure their Christmas card will be perfect.

Do you have problems obtaining a family photo? When do your kids stop being included? When they move out or when they have their own family? I'd love to hear how everyone else gets those beautiful photo cards.

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Linds said...

I doubt we'll have a good family portrait for a while-- getting Brayden to sit still is a thing of the past! LOL.

Jessica said...

Cute picture though.. it's the natural ones that are fun to look back at in 10 years. Your little guys looks like he might be packing heat. ;-)

Sallie said...

I laughed so hard when I read "all together and clean" :-D

We go outside usually and take 50 or more shots (time willing...children cooperating)hoping and praying that one will at least be ok...

Oh, and I hopped over from the homeschool blog hop :-)

Saint Shellie said...

Hello, I'm here from the Hip HS Hop! I L-O-V-E the photo!! It is absolutely hysterical!! We hardly ever try for a group pic simply because they end up the same way. But in return, we always get goofy snap shots, so which is worse? I love your pic and it will be fun to look back on in the coming years to get a good laugh.


Gina Kleinworth said...

I think family photos are great. We have never personally had one. We never miss taking pictures of the kids- but even so, we have only had them done professionally a couple times in the last 7 years. I suppose I make up for it with the personal camera- I never leave home with out it.

melanie said...

Giggling! It's time for our family portrait and let me tell ya, I am DREADING it. At least the outtakes are always funny. :) (Thanks for visiting my blog!)