Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thrifty Thursday....where someone could win a CSN gift certificate

I really don't know that many bloggers in person. I know about 7. I just don't travel in circles of writers. Lori is one of my first bloggy friends, that I can physically punch in the arm. I don't do this often, but she would forgive me if I did. 

Lori has given me some great advice over the past year. Like what I should really buy with a CSN gift certificate. I saw her in those purple boots, they are so cute. They are very Lori! 

If you want some purple boots, head over to her blog and enter to win a CSN gift certificate. But hurry, the contest closes Friday October 29th. That's like tomorrow. To save some time, just click her cool button below.


That's my Thrifty Advice for Thursday. I know it's not profound, but it's real. Like my friend Lori.

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1 comment:

Lori Watson said...

It's actually next Friday. :-D

Thanks for sharing the giveaway and I'm glad you like the boots. ;-)