Sunday, October 3, 2010

The LEarning Never Stops Photo Challenge- words edition.

Welcome to The LEarning Never Stops Photo Challenge- words edition. Stop by here and see the other entries.

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This is not a stunning photo, The glare is terrible, yet, it fits the theme "Words". I am insanely jealous of blogs that have amazing pictures. My photo taking technique is to keep shooting, one should come out clear. Eventually.

This is more of a word about words.

These are the kind of notes my husband leaves me, because he is thinking about me. The notes he writes are because he knows, I forget things. He remembers. He is a note writer. He keeps these yellow lined pads next to the bed, in his truck, on his person at all times. I love his notes, when I read them, they are in his voice. 

Oh and he calls me throughout the day, to remind me of things and to see if I need anything at the store. He is an excellent husband. He's so humble, he doesn't like me to blog about him. Sometimes I can't help it. So I thought I'd enter a contest and brag about him.

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Denise said...

Love this! I am completely jealous of all those blogs filled with beautiful photos too- yours is perfect! What a sweet husband!

Aimee said...

That's so sweet! sometimes we forget its the little things that really make us smile.

Hen Jen said...

I love getting notes! How considerate of him!