Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fake Book or much too real for me.

I used to be on Facebook.

Lately, I have been thinking bloggin in my head about my short-lived experience on Facebook.

I was amazed at the technology, the ability to communicate with family, get in touch with old friends and promote my new blog. There was so much potential for good. I could quickly post to my friends what was going on. They cared about my life and what I had for lunch. It was like a high school reunion that never ended. It seemed new friends could be added daily. 

After a few weeks, the honeymoon was over. I was wasting too much time. I began getting irritated by the conversations. I felt they were not building people up, they were tearing down. The endless groups to promote weird causes revealed the gullibility of my friends. The snide remarks caused me to quickly change my feeling towards some people. I liked them better when they were my real life friends, not my Facebook friends.  I didn't really want to know how many alcoholic beverages they consumed or who they were angry with. I didn't really want to know what my "old friends" are up to. I wasn't interested in friending certain people in my past. I friended someone and then after their babbling, I realized, I made a mistake. I started to become nauseas at the political views of of my family.

The final straw came when someone hacked into Facebook and posed as my aunt in California. They needed money because they were in a jam in Europe. I knew my Aunt was not travelling in Europe. Some stranger overseas has access to my Facebook friends through my aunt's account?  Eeeewwww.

Lately, I have been hearing of so much strife sewn. Things that should have been private conversations, have become public tiffs. Words posted were taken wrong. I remember once I had to call a friend to let her know, I wasn't being mean. She knew that, but someone seeing our posts felt the need to defend her. Once again, I was misunderstood.

Proverbs 10:19
When words are many, sin is not absent,
but he who holds his tongue is wise.

The first advice lawyers now give a client involved in a divorce case, is 'shut down your Facebook account'. Just a side note to prevent my words from being taken wrong, I am not promoting divorce, it is a tragedy for all involved. Words publicly spoken can be used against you. They will be twisted. If you ever have political aspirations, be careful what you post. Make sure it is something you will want the whole world to see, because they will.

Even my blog contains incriminating words that some person can twist and misrepresent me. The titles of some of my firsts post can be taken wrong. The Food Police, Green Jello and the Hangover. I am a Loser. In-laws, Sisters and Another Accident. I can hear the music in my head:

Oh Lord, Please don't let me be misunderstood.

It's been months since I have been off Facebook. All my loving family that I had been friends with on Facebook haven't noticed my absence. In fact, I have not heard from any of them, save one. They called to make plans that were never to come to fruition. Perhaps if I had updated my status, complete with what I was planning for lunch, they would have kept them.

Thanks for stopping by! And in case you care:

Terri G's Status: Major jet lag while eating a bowl of Organic Mango Passion Granola with 1% milk.

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Carrie Anne Schmeck said...

While I am not ready to give up my Facebook, I totally get what you are saying. I have curbed my status updates drastically and find myself often bored with the dribble others post. (Really, you work out everyday? I didn't know that...considering you have posted it DAILY for the past two months!)

My kids practically have my speech memorized as I try to point out every time someone's FB malfunction makes news, how it might affect their future, how we should be careful about naming names or insulting others on the public domain.

Thanks for the reminder!

Jessica said...

I agree. I've seen FB do lots of damage, but it's hard to list the positives. I've already had to drop some babblers myself and cause insult.

Amy said...

Totally see your point. While I do enjoy my Facebook, I am very careful about it. I want to be able to keep in touch with friends and family far away, but I don't like to deal with the "gossip" end of it. I don't accept many friend requests. I only have family and close friends on my list. I have my security set so high that only my friends can see ANY of my info (well and hackers!) But when I think about all the kids that have a facebook account it worries me. They just don't need access to the internet like that. I wish facebook was used more for uplifting, and less for breaking down. Very good post!

Unknown said...

Well put, my friend! This is one of your best blogs, I think. I got a Facebook so that I could see my older son's pages, and then when old friends began sending requests, I thought it could be a good way to evangelize. I now think the negatives may out-weigh the positives. Thanks for the insightful blog!

WildIris said...

I had a Facebook (FB) account for myself briefly. I guess I'm too "old school," but I found the experience strange for personal use. My kids live on Facebook, have friends and FB integrates into their life easily. For business FB can be a valuable tool. It just isn't for me personally. Great post! Great blog!

Lori Watson said...

I love FB, as you know, but agree that people should understand that anything posted on the Internet (FB, blog, email, whatever) is not truly private. I'm okay with that 'cause I'm just a throw it all out there kinda girl anyway. Some people aren't, and that's okay too.

And I think if someone wants to post what they had for breakfast everyday, they have my blessing. It's their FB, their blog, whatever and I can choose to read or not read.

Good thoughts though, I was curious why you dropped off FB. And I don't want to know if I'm one you like better in person. ;-)

(Playing blog catch up, can you tell?)