Friday, September 3, 2010

Progress, I think...

It has actually been a whole week since I have blogged. That's not so good and that's great. There's random progress in my life, while away from my son's awesome laptop. Actually, there is great progress.
The free dictionary defines it.
1. Movement, as toward a goal; advance.
2. Development or growth: students who show progress.
3. Steady improvement, as of a society or civilization: a believer in human progress. See Synonyms at development.
4. A ceremonial journey made by a sovereign through his or her realm.
intr.v. pro·gress, pro·gressedpro·gress·ingpro·gress·es
1. To advance; proceed: Work on the new building progressed at a rapid rate.
2. To advance toward a higher or better stage; improve steadily: as medical technology progresses.
3. To increase in scope or severity, as a disease taking an unfavorable course.
in progress
Going on; under way: a work in progress. 

Speaking of progress, of course, I cannot resist this opportunity to promote my fairy blogmother's blog.

Visit Lizzie at A Work In Progress, she is just as crazy as myself.

Some examples from my week:
  • I have read numerous books for pleasure, stayed up late and slept late. Maybe regress.
  • I have learned I can live without internet and I'm fine. Progress.
  • I have lost my phone and all my contact #'s in the pond. Regress. It was not a nice way to get a new cell phone. Verizon still does not support the iPhone. Regress. I am learning patience. Progress.
  • I cruelly tortured my children and made them stay at the beach with me for hours. Slight tan, progress.
  • I have resisted the urge to stock up everything for hurricane Earl. I finally went out today and picked up my important things. Orange Juice, a pre-cooked chicken, a lobster and straws were my non-panic items. I have been craving a lobster roll for months. I live in a resort area where I am daily pummeled with ads for lobster rolls, lobster dinners, lobster eggs benedict, fried lobster, lobster bisque, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. The funny thing is, I have never cooked my own lobster. Today, I learn. Progress!
  • High School for Paperboy is starting soon. I am overcoming the demons of discouragement and the feelings that almost every homeschool mother battles. We start this upcoming week. God was faithful to send a stranger my way for some major encouragement. He has no idea. Paperboy wanted to spend the night at a friend's house. He needed someone to fill in for him at his job. Daddy had a wonderful solution. Mommy could bring Little Guy and read a book while he sold papers. What about my late night novel reading? How convenient, you have a doctor's appointment, thanks for bringing it up right in front of Little Guy. How can I say no? My six-year old, who has been asking for 'money jobs', has his first test at capitalism. He passed with flying colors. Eye contact, making change, using manners for three hours...Progress, much. 
  • Back to the stranger. An older gentleman pulls up to the restaurant. "Where's Paperboy?" "He had a day off, this is his little brother." The man proceeded to buy his paper and tell me he doesn't come here to eat. He stops by every morning to buy his paper from Paperboy. He offered my son a job. He noticed some things about Paperboy. Some things he noticed: He is a hard worker. He hustles. He is friendly. He is funny. He can multi-task. He knows what is going on in the world. He is articulate. The stranger asked me about homeschooling and why I did it. I explained how I saw the writing on the wall and gave God the credit for directing me. Our conversation ended with the best encouragement a homeschooling mother can receive. "Whatever you are doing, keep it up, you are doing a great job." I resisted the urge to hug and kiss this stranger. I thanked him. Progress.
I am praising God for His faithfulness. When we use our mouths to bless others, we may not realize what we are doing.

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver".

I hope to notice and encourage someone today. Progress.

I welcome reader comments with open arms. I also understand if you aren't the commenting or hugging type of person, you can drop me an email at

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