Friday, September 24, 2010

Letters of Intent


In the Northeast homeschooling world, 'Letters of Intent' is the term we use for the official letter we have to draft to the school department. You know the one where we ask for divine permission from the eternally broke, poorly performing bureaucracy to educate our own children, with our own funds, in the manner we believe best for them?
Yes, that letter.
And yes, at times, I do have issues with authority in my life.

But today's Letter of Intent is so much different. It's a Friday meme. It's where a letter is used to praise, thank or admonish someone or something however you wish. You know we state our intentions. Or perhaps act a little snarky. I just love that word. Stop by Foursons and join in. Hey, it's cheaper than therapy. I already feel better.
Have a great weekend!

Dear Library, Bank, Office and Grocery Store:

I appreciate your 'language of love' spoken through the sharing of food. I know you love me. I know you  would like me to return again and leave my money, books or a lifelong commitment to pay you monthly payments for the rest of my life. You do not need to leave a basket of unhealthy, teeth-rotting, artificially flavored candy at each counter, to compel me to be loyal customer. I already am. Perhaps if you had a teenage boy with thousands of dollars of orthodontics, who thinks brushing is a race, you would change your offerings. Maybe if you realized how difficult it is for the mothers of little boys at each checkout. "No you can't have that, we are on out way home, I am sure you will not starve without it." This speech is getting so old. 

What about the good old days?

"Gee! Thanks for the free pen!"

Sincerely, Your Loyal Customer

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Foursons said...

So, so excited you joined in this week!

I'm cracking up at your letter because my boys always ask for the candy too, but it is usually me who is digging through the basket first. Hahaha

Thanks for linking up and good luck w/this endeavor!

Linds said...

I love your blurb about the homeschooling letter of intent. some of the laws are so ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Your a homeschooling Mommy that is great! I will be back by to visit in the future.

Candy at the library to entice kids to come is horrible!!

Amy said...

Always love to see new homeschooling mommy blogs!

What would be so wrong with a basket of fruit? Anything but candy!!!! The library??? Wow! That is crazy!

groovyoldlady said...

I have now "joined" a "non approved private school". In my state that means I can basically school how I see fit without sending in those pesky letters. Love it!

(On the down side, it also means my children no longer have "equal access" to programs in our local school district; ie. They cannot play sports or audit classes, but right now that's not an issue for us.)

I love the candy at our bank. We get Tootsie pops. Once I was hormonal and whined because there was no chocolate and the teller gave me some from the secret bank stash!

My Snarky letter would go to the medical insurance company. Their computer phone answering system is obnoxious. "She" has weird little mennerisms and says, "OK..." every other sentence. As soon as she answers I start saying, "associate! Associate!!! ASSOCIATE!!!!!!" until she she gets nervous and passes me off to a human.